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Synonyms for peroxide

a viscous liquid with strong oxidizing properties

an inorganic compound containing the divalent ion -O-O-

bleach with peroxide

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On the introduction of peroxide of hydrogen as a medicine.
The legal limit of hydrogen peroxide in a tooth-whitening product is 0.
The ratings, however, take into account some of the strengths such as a favourable domestic demand outlook for hydrogen peroxide from paper and textile industries and the company's established market position in the hydrogen peroxide business.
We now conclude that benzoyl peroxide can be adequately labeled to minimize the risks associated with benzoyl peroxide while delivering effective ache treatment," the FDA noted in its final rule.
The joint venture will not only work for Huatai but also for other Chinese companies, while using Solvay's technology for the production of high purity grades of hydrogen peroxide and peracetic acid.
A potentially very attractive alternative to traditional biocide-based antifouling is to utilize hydrogen peroxide as an active ingredient.
Prof Heinz Decker, of the Institute of Biophysics at Mainz University in Germany, said: "With advancing age, hydrogen peroxide builds up in larger amounts in the hair follicle and ultimately inhibits the synthesis of the colour pigment melanin.
Water-Wet benzoyl peroxide in paste and granular formulations.
A tremendous dilution effect from saliva precludes the peroxide from interacting with soft tissue in an adverse way.
The CCTV pictures showed Manfo Kwaku Asiedu and Muktar Said Ibrahim grinning at each other and chatting casually as they completed the purchase of 52 gallons of hydrogen peroxide - just two days before the July 7 terror attacks.
Recent studies suggest that the electric fields in dust devils on the Red Planet are strong enough to cause chemical changes in the atmosphere there, including the creation of hydrogen peroxide.
Other topics include allylic peroxides, recent advances in the chemistry of dioxiranes and dioxetanes, chemiluminescence of peroxide, and polar effects in decomposition of peroxidic compounds.
This study was designed to compare the antimicrobial properties of sodium bicarbonate and hydrogen peroxide, two ingredients that are commonly used in oral health care products and advertised as effective antimicrobial agents.
The carbamide peroxide breaks down into hydrogen peroxide and releases a highly reactive form of oxygen.