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Synonyms for peroration

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a flowery and highly rhetorical oration

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(rhetoric) the concluding section of an oration

References in classic literature ?
Miss Ophelia's round eyes expressed an undisguised amazement at this peroration, which struck St.
Pardon me,' and proceeded, with a mixture of the lowest spirits and the most intense enjoyment, to the peroration of his letter.
Once, twice, and again in his peroration he repeated his demand, using always--that they might see he was acquainted with their local argot--using always, I say, the word which the Inspector had given him in England long ago--the short, adhesive word which, by itself, surprises even unblushing Ethiopia.
After the peroration by Filipino leaders, I said that my role was only to introduce the president to the Filipino community (30 associations at last count) who wished to greet him as one Filipino nation.
And then launched into a seven-minute peroration which, I must say, was quite incoherent.
Perhaps the most bizarre indication of this tendency can be found in the peroration of a waffly essay ostensibly exploring the relationship between the Griechenlieder and Winterreise, which claims that, if Muller were alive today, he would be highly active as a blogger and social media addict, using his way with words "as a rap star who would challenge the conscience of his generation [.
As the finale's peroration built layer upon layer we were reminded of the triumph of Wagner's Rheingold.
They cover transnational interpolations of the humanities, revisions of modernity with and against globality, per/versions of cultural diversity: including exclusions, and peroration.
Peatman argues that there were (and have always been) essentially two distinct concepts at the heart of the address: what Peatman refers to as "equality," as articulated in the words "all men are created equal" that Lincoln quoted from the Declaration of Independence in his opening sentence; and what he calls "democracy," as expressed in the famous peroration "government of the people, by the people, for the people.
MAY I add to Kenneth Jarratt's fine peroration on the Quakers by mentioning some I've worked with, especially Sid White.
You may not remember your chief executive's peroration at the end of the pitch that won you this busi- ness -- but your client will.
And then he goes into a peroration about leading a meaningful life.
He gave a peroration at the end of his judgment: which he wrote for himself and for five of his colleagues on the Bench.
But in his latest peroration, he did just that - in reference to alleged IDF actions in southern Syria.
It opened with Samuel Johnson's thundering peroration against sleep, "Short, O short then be thy reign/ And give us to the world again