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  • verb

Synonyms for perorate

to speak in a loud, pompous, or prolonged manner

Words related to perorate

conclude a speech with a formal recapitulation

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deliver an oration in grandiloquent style

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It is poignantly apt that this respected scholar, so instrumental in launching and articulating the ombudsman approach in Canada, should perorate his career with this examination of the growth and evolution of the ombudsman at the end of the first decade of this century.
The usual suspects (and a new victim) will once again be on hand to prognosticate, pontificate, and perorate about what they expect to find at NAB 2014 and to ponder, puzzle, and prepend about forward-looking trends in post-production with a Q&A session afterwards.
The author plays the part of a doddering pedant who perorates on principles of social propriety for his captive audience of one, thought to be Della Casa's young nephew Annibale Rucellai.