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Synonyms for pernickety

Synonyms for pernickety

characterized by excessive precision and attention to trivial details


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The pernickety Belgian sleuth hopes for a quiet holiday cruise on the Nile but murder soon follows him to Egypt 1978 ?
Joubert took charge of the Scotland v Wales game in this year's Six Nations, awarding a total of 28 penalties (16 against Scotland, 12 against Wales), so there is unlikely to be any let-up from the pernickety handling the teams experienced last week.
It stars Brad Pitt as hitman Jackie Cogan, James Gandolfini as ageing hitman Mickey, and Richard Jenkins as pernickety mobster Driver.
Torquemada's shop is more of a junk store than a clockmaker's, which loses some of the pernickety refinement that defines his milieu and character.
In China, big branding campaigns often play on typical local stereotypes, such as where "cookie guys" include a pernickety female character meant to epitomise feminine but tough Shanghainese ladies - and an indecisive "chewy" guy who is her Shanghainese male counterpart, and follows her dutifully about the shops while she looks and looks and spends and spends.
Benjamin sinks all of his money into the zoo, hoping to restore the facility to its former glory in time for an inspection by the notoriously pernickety Walter Ferris (John Michael Higgins).
The Racecourse player-boss also felt that referee Andy Davies was over-fussy at times, observing: "We were saying beforehand set-pieces are key and we had a couple of chances from those, but I thought the ref was a bit pernickety on a few and gave them free kicks.
She has said of her spot on the UK programme: "I so look forward to making the pilgrimage to the birthplace of the greatest dance show -- the mecca of spray tans and tangos -- and to sit in for the great and pernickety Len Goodman.
On the other hand, he fears that the Commission may be more pernickety, due to the indisputable lead position the new entity will have on the European markets for listed derivatives and clearing transactions.
And, at the other end of the scale, it's difficult to justify the use of the word "flawless" for few restaurants offer a truly faultless experience, especially when the diner is as pernickety as I'm prone to be.
The Oxford English Dictionary (2010) defines pernickety when used of a person as 'exacting about details; particular, careful; punctilious; spec.
I started with all good intentions but soon gave up -- it was too hot for such pernickety business.
I have to say kudos to Chris because rather than just finding any old semi-decent replacement just to keep the customers coming, she knew that her discerning regulars (and in my case pernickety and exacting) needed another Megan to keep us smiling.
But these are pernickety complaints which must not detract from Das's astonishing achievement as a poetry critic.
The game produced eight bookings but Cotterill declared: "I think some players should have been booked that weren't and I thought the referee was very, very pernickety.