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grave harmfulness or deadliness

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Though Hume may neglect the utility of simplifying thought, his recognizing "the utter mysteriousness of the pre-reflective order of common life," in Livingston's formulation, makes him an ally in unmasking the perniciousness, pretentiousness, and superficiality of rationalism and other ideology.
Although this percentage contribution to PM is low, the toxicity or perniciousness to human health associated with TME is significant (Becker et al.
The real perniciousness of their vile Health and Social Care Act is that it sidesteps an Apocalyptic confrontation by slyly selling off the NHS chunk by profitable chunk - instead of in one go like water or coal in the past.
Donne mars death's pride by plunging it into a vortex of perniciousness and repugnance.
Although humorous and light-hearted in tone, Fielding's lyrics nonetheless make a serious point about Anglo-French cultural relations and the perceived perniciousness of France's influence on England.
Subsequently, Dabholkar started focusing on the eradication of superstitions, and joined the Akhil Bharatiya Andhashraddha Nirmoolan Samiti (ABANS), an organisation devoted to opening the minds of people on the perniciousness of superstitious beliefs.
The perniciousness of that dualism may be readily discerned when we consider the dysfunctional social formations that accompany the absolute diminution of the world, evident in cults of death, or aspects of theocratic societies such as Tibet, or Afghanistan under the Taliban.
This brings us full circle to Libya where a combination of foreign involvement, weak central authority, and abundance of heavy arms outside of government control, growing regional secessionist sentiments, a comprehensive political inaptitude and a leadership shamelessly displaying a criminal like cynical perniciousness towards Libya's increasing woes is pushing the country towards the failed state precipice.
Reading these enlightening essays makes for somber reading, but combating the perniciousness of the Protocols requires knowledge of the highest order.
In the West's perverted logic of denial, Africa, as a result of the global perniciousness of anti-black racism, was always denied the capability of succeeding in the modern world.
In some instances people deem the group's perniciousness so great that they want to eliminate it.
The perniciousness of such arguments is that they assume that history is always just a competition of national narratives and that the task of reviewers is to deconstruct history books along political lines.
For this reason Stiegler is convinced that the perniciousness of the aesthetic during the twentieth century is not only related to its appropriation by totalitarian regimes, as Walter Benjamin had it, but has been threatened even more by an economic appropriation.
This is the level, scale and perniciousness of home grown terrorism.
Studying mark-to-market economic effects ex ante has proved problematic--especially because investment decisions would have been different along the way and disclosure of calculated gains has been lacking--but its perniciousness may be severe.