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capable of changing sequence


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He who has been breathed upon by this coolness will scarcely believe that the idea, too, bony and hexahedral and permutable as a die, remains, however, only as the residuum of a metaphor, and that the illusion of the artistic metamorphosis of a nerve stimulus into percepts is, if not the mother, then the grandmother of every idea.
which is permutable in a block diagonal form where each of the NE diagonal blocks is of order 6 and has the structure of an augmented system.
As impressive as such transformations might be, they constitute only a part of rhyming palindromic verse's repertoire of quick-change artistry; as will next be seen, verses such as the above are not only permutable, they are also transmutable.
He moves from his discussion of functionals to the problems of the functional calculus and integral equations, the generalization of the analytic functions, the theory of composition and of permutable functions, and then to integro-differential equations and functional derivative equations.
Chapter six, "The Poetic Nomadism of Antonio Porta," examines Porta's indefatigable search for new forms of poetic expression that range from the surreal and hallucinatory writing of his early collections to the experimentation with permutable verses of Cara (1969).
The permutable possibilities for coming and going play themselves out to their full potential in the scene that follows, and it takes nearly three pages of stage directions to describe the intricacies of the exchange.
And yet Fahlstrom's art was not as protean, as infinitely permutable as he may have wanted it to be.