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Synonyms for permit

Synonyms for permit

to neither forbid nor prevent

to afford an opportunity for

to give the means, ability, or opportunity to do

the approving of an action, especially when done by one in authority

proof of legal permission to do something

Synonyms for permit

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unreasonable additional costs on grazing permittees.
nutrient management plan but rather the permittee agreed to develop and
This can benefit the permittee by ensuring that the terms of an HCP will not change over time with subsequent species listings.
accepts the new conditions, and the permittee is in compliance with
on permittee nonuse in lieu of reductions in active preference); Feller,
78) The court pointed to four practices that "systematically violate the state's duties to maximize return on the trust lands for the benefit of the state's public schools": the "[f]ailure to advertise the availability of grazing leases upon renewal"; the "[f]ailure to seek and receive sealed bids for leases up for renewal"; reliance on preferences that "suppress market forces and return on grazing leases"; and failure to realize any return on "profitable subleases by grazing permittees.
236) Moreover, the Services could potentially sue the permittee under ESA section 9 for the resulting take, because the 1999 Draft MOA and biological opinion would authorize incidental take of species only where EPA had properly followed the coordination procedures with the Services.
250) The Forest Service prepares the allotment plan in cooperation with the permittee, consistent with the Forest Service's land use planning method.
The Permittee shall provide the following services - Maintenance of bridges, terminals and existing barriers : - Regulatory periodic checks : - Calibration checks : As a guide, the expected date of commencement of performance of the services subject to this consultation is set in September 2013.
When we find a hydrant connection we confirm there is a permit from the water management district, that the meter is ours and that the permittee is up to date on its account.
The court said, "[t]he Taylor Grazing Act does not permit the Secretary to issue permits allowing the permittee to put the land to any use except livestock grazing.
the nation's Leading Wine and Spirits Distributor and Control States Broker, with a tradition of service excellence since 1968 and proud to be celebrating its 40th anniversary, operates in 30 states, and is a licensed permittee in two more States, Nebraska and Texas.
any other form of additional mitigation from an HCP permittee except under