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Synonyms for permit

Synonyms for permit

to neither forbid nor prevent

to afford an opportunity for

to give the means, ability, or opportunity to do

the approving of an action, especially when done by one in authority

proof of legal permission to do something

Synonyms for permit

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Permitted statutory accounting practices include practices not prescribed above but implicitly or explicitly allowed by the domiciliary state insurance department.
can lead to no other conclusion but that the respondent participated in, acquisced in and permitted the nuisance to occur and continue in the building.
Be advised that bikes are not permitted - whether ridden or walked - on the decorative brick walkway of the Crescent Avenue waterfront.
Of the five, two are permitted by the AQMD and three are not, Atwood said.
Life Energy") (OTCBB:LETH)(Deutsche Borse DE:LFT) announced today that the Biosphere Process(TM)(a) System has been permitted to operate in The State of Louisiana.
As a result, the number of Los Angeles residents permitted by the LAPD to carry concealed weapons is down to 65, he added.
This will be the country's first commercial mixed waste treatment facility with a broad spectrum of permitted treatment capabilities," said Bill Hewitt, president of waste management services at ATG.
Councilwoman Cindy Miscikowski, whose district includes the newly permitted lingerie club, wrote a strongly worded letter to City Attorney James Hahn asking that he expedite the drafting of the 1,000-foot ordinance.
Since Edison's network of electric conduits covers an area much larger than the new permits cover, there is still a significant percentage of conduits that have never been permitted, but which are already being used for telecommunications purposes without permission, according to the complaint.
Waste Management revised its request to pile trash another 25 feet higher than what is now permitted.
Based on a meeting with the operator last week, the first two prospects are being permitted with the first well expected to spud in late June or early July.
That increased the number of residents permitted to carry concealed weapons in Simi Valley to 22.
The rights are not exercisable in the event of a Permitted Bid.
It simply requires anyone seeking control of the company to negotiate with the board of directors prior to attempting a takeover, or to proceed by way of a permitted bid that meets the requirements of the rights plan.