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not preventive

granting or inclined or able to grant permission


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The objective of this research is to better understand the safety and efficiency implications of the use of solid yellow arrow change and solid red arrow clearance intervals after a leading solid green arrow transitioning to a permissive FYA or after a permissive FYA transitioning to a lagging solid green arrow.
Tierney finds the roots of permissive natural law in the ancient world.
She continued, with only a permissive recommendation he would have still died.
But the motion she proposed at a meeting of the students debates union - "The media have created the permissive society" - was defeated by 206 votes to 67 with 103 abstentions.
Vrangalova said that for sexually permissive women, they are ostracized for being easy, whereas men with a high number of sexual partners are viewed with a sense of accomplishment
Hostile, Uncertain, and Permissive Operating Environments
Freed from fifteen years of struggle and sacrifice, the United States that Petigny reconstructs in The Permissive Society loosened behavioral codes and put emphasis on spontaneity.
1) The focus of this article is a discussion of permissive hypercapnia (also known as therapeutic hypercapnia or permissive hypercapnic acidosis) within the context of mechanical ventilation.
3) the United States Court of Appeals for the First Circuit addressed whether a federal court could properly exercise jurisdiction over a permissive counterclaim that did not have its own independent basis for subject matter jurisdiction, but rather was related to another counterclaim raised by the defendant.
For example, a firewall not connected to the Internet does not have the same risk as one that is connected to the internet; internal firewalls tend to be more permissive than external firewalls.
To fill the gap, this study investigates use of Internet pornography among Chinese adolescents in Taiwan and the relationship between such use and permissive sexual attitudes and behavior based on prior research (Donnerstein, Linz, & Penrod, 1987; Linz, Donnerstein, & Adams, 1989; Lo & Wei, 2005) that has established an association between exposure to pornography and cognitive effects in desensitized sexual attitudes, beliefs, and disinhabitational behavior.
The author presents an overview of this growing clinical specialty, distinguishing between directive, Ericksonian, and permissive hypnosis.
The Fourth and Eighth Circuits have adopted a permissive interpretation of section 9, holding that the provision does not create a mandatory one-year limitations period.
Cardiff Central has permissive working where trains are permitted to enter and leave occupied platforms at the station.
Many of these permissive access routes link existing rights of way to provide uninterrupted access to countless kilometres of paths.