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not preventive

granting or inclined or able to grant permission


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Following the Fourth Circuit's lead, the Eighth Circuit also adopted a permissive interpretation of section 9 in Val-U Construction Co.
I believe the issues highlighted by the RMT during the recent South Wales Control Centre dispute (Western Mail "Rail union highlights lapses in safety while bosses ran signals", January 14) were that the trains were both moving under permissive working, which is not allowed.
In Merseyside, there are now more than 11km of permissive access paths and 1km of permissive access bridleway and cycle paths.
The research also reveals that permissive attitude is another mechanism that either promotes or deters both academic dishonesty and general deviance.
Regarding maternal-fetal transmission, there's evidence that placental trophoblasts "are exquisitely permissive for Zika virus replication," he said.
In the study linking atypical sensory adaptation and increased behavioral difficulties with parenting style, Mary Lauren Neel, MD, found that only 11% of the parents in her study group could be categorized as permissive ("Parenting style link to atypical toddler sensory adaption" by Tara Haelle).
Permissive parenting style: the permissive parents are those who affirm the wishes and desires of the child.
Children raised with authoritarian styles were more likely to be victims, and aggressors' parents had permissive and negligent styles (Dehue et al.
Synopsis: Americans' perceptions of what is morally acceptable continue to grow more permissive, with their views on several issues the most liberal to date.
Permissive parenting style had positive correlation with histrionic r (98) = 0.
Findings showed that students whose parents were fully authoritative, fully permissive or those who were using a mix of authoritative and permissive parenting style showed significantly better result than the students whose parents were permissive in their actions only.
amp;nbsp;In general the study published in the American Journal of Public Health found younger folks have a permissive view of pot.
In both rights, the use or possession must be inconsistent with the owner's use and enjoyment of his lands and must not be a permissive use, for the use must be such that the owner had a right to a legal action to stop it, such as an action for trespass or ejectment.
The present study discourses a series of conclusions regarding legal provisions for prostitution, as a phenomenon in the context of having a succession of criminal and administrative regulations and giving the prospect of a more permissive legislation in which prostitution could be practiced as an authorized occupation in Romania.
Those efforts culminated with the inclusion of the flashing yellow arrow (FYA) as a permissive left-turn and right-turn indication in the 2009 Manual on Uniform Traffic Control Devices (MUTCD).