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Synonyms for permeation

the process of permeating or infusing something with a substance

mutual penetration

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The partnership agreement includes a licensing and technology transfer under which MTIA will manufacture Echo's proprietary skin permeation and analyte measurement technology.
Adam Bolsover, Production Technical Manager at FFP says, “We are pleased with the quality of this permeation instrument from Systech.
This oxygen permeation analyser is designed to measure the oxygen ingress of the package and to calculate the oxygen transmission rate.
water]) is the weight fraction of acetic acid (water) in the permeation product.
Historically, manufacturers of fuel system components, including fuel sender seals and hoses, prefer fluoroelastomer materials because of their excellent resistance to hydrocarbons, as well as their excellent permeation rates.
The result is a laminar microstructure in which the barrier resin forms stacks of large overlapping platelets or discontinuous layers within the container wall, which limit permeation by creating a "tortuous path" for molecules attempting to diffuse through the plastic.
Oxygen permeation testing is a well-established method to test the barrier properties of films and packages.
The vapor permeation through different polymeric films has been studied by several researchers [3-5].
While ethanol mixed with gasoline is known to lower tailpipe emissions, earlier work has shown that such blended fuels exhibit increased permeation through plastic and rubber (ref.
With polyethylene's inability to meet tightening regulations, fuel system suppliers are looking for options that will enable them to deliver components with both low permeation and which can be cost effectively produced and managed.
This reduced permeation can also benefit food-packaging applications, reducing the amount of oxygen getting through the plastic packaging material while providing greater strength.
Systech Instruments have created the new Model 8001 Oxygen Permeation analyser, combining research tool standards of packaging film testing with an easy to use Windows[R] based user interface.
It offers much lower permeation than Dyneon's THV 500 resin for fuel hose.
The improved permeation offered by the nanoclay compounds also provides benefits to applications in the food packaging industry.