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Synonyms for permeation

the process of permeating or infusing something with a substance

mutual penetration

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Alternatively, gel permeation chromatography can be utilised to determine the root cause of a polycarbonate failure.
Systech, which is headquarted in Oxon, UK, has been designing and manufacturing oxygen permeation and water vapour permeation analysers for many years, offering reliable and versatile testing of all films, packages and bottles.
FFP have chosen the Systech Illinois 8501 to measure the oxygen permeation of their flexible films.
A higher aspect ratio for the discontinuous barrier phase would decrease the permeation rate by lengthening the tortuous path for permeant molecules diffusing around it.
Gel permeation chromatography (GPC) or size exclusion chromatography (SEC), is a powerful separation technique particularly applicable for calculating the molecular weight of high-molecular-mass species such as polymers.
The 84i Permeation Source benefits and features include: audits can be triggered on an automated or manual basis; quick integration into the Thermo Scientific Mercury Freedom System's rack; and utilizes Thermo Scientific common components for faster parts replacement.
The microwave is able to enhance drug permeation transdermally in a non-thermal mode with no significant temperature rise on skin.
Trace Source[TM] permeation tubes add low ppb concentrations of typical sulfur species including COS, H2S, mercaptans directly to a controlled flow of purified, beverage grade CO2 to create trace concentration calibration standards.
of Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA, has announced that it has formed "a global network of Mocon-certified permeation testing laboratories to provide independent material and package performance verification, regardless of location.
Systech Illinois, a leading provider of permeation analysers and gas analysis equipment, has been chosen by General to test the barrier performance of metallised polymer films for permeation of oxygen and water vapour.
Summary: In vitro permeation studies were done using modified Franz diffusion cell through rabbit skin and silicone membrane utilizing different ratios of oleic acid with diclofenac diethylamine (DDA) in normal saline and methanol mixture during present study.
MARIGOLD INDUSTRIAL has launched a brand new Chemical Permeation Chart, identifying the performance and protective qualities of their gloves against more than 140 common chemicals.
When it's all said and done, what is really needed is the combination of chemical, abrasion and permeation resistance.
With this in mind, researchers in India investigated the water vapor permeation properties of sago starch-based edible films, made using microwave irradiation.
Variation of in vitro human skin permeation of rose oil between different application sites.