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Synonyms for permeating

spreading or spread throughout

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But when he tries to learn more about the accident that claimed her life, he uncovers evidence of corruption, greed, and ruthlessness permeating the locality.
Permeating the downtown market at the beginning of 2006 was a sense of worry over the large amount of vacant space in Lower Manhattan, concern that seemed to heighten as the soaring midtown market rose to the point where a record gap in rental rates emerged between the two districts.
Assuming ideal gas behavior, the permeating carbon dioxide flux, N, can be obtained from the following expression, (7)
Top-Eye, the Transposing, Impregnably Permeating, Permeably Impregnating Sailor Man
Belaval and Margot Arce not only fleshes out the gender biases and racism permeating their works but, most importantly, uncovers how these intellectuals linked race and gender together.