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spreading or spread throughout

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With the increase in membrane pretreatment time the membrane becomes more swelled as well as more enriched with the permeant species probably causing relaxation of the polymeric chains compared to the dry membrane.
Therefore, the hydraulic performance of GCLs when subjected to hydration using both types of permeant solutions, distilled water and NaCl, was also assessed in this study.
In the presence of CTX plus APA, relaxations to CGJ were markedly reduced by the membrane permeant mimetic of superoxide dismutase (SOD), MnTMPyP, the membrane permeant analogue of catalase polyethyleneglycol-catalase (PEG-catalase), PP2, an inhibitor of Src kinase, and by wortmannin, an inhibitor of the PI3-kinase.
Having held a permeant sit-in in Downtown Beirut for many years, SOLIDE and the families of the missing say they have all but given up on the prospect of establishing an international body to advocate for the issue.
Dihydroethidium (also known as hydroethidine), the reduced ethidium derivative, is permeant to live cells.
One of the dyes is membrane permeant and will stain all cells with a nucleus, allowing for the distinction of cellular debris from cells without a nucleus.
Thus the required outcomes are not permeant into the target segment of effected society.
He was appointed by the DPW board and, if the board is happy with Tuttle's performance, Town Administrator Terri Akerman said he could possibly become a permeant fixture in July.
Application of the Senate Permeant Subcommittee on Investigations, 655 F.
Ovine Semen Cryopreservation Using Three Extenders and Four Combinations of Permeant and Non Permeant Agents
However, the interplay of polymer molecules and other permeant molecules under high pressure produces an assortment of often antagonistic actions that may result both in transient or permeation changes to the package.
Significant research has been conducted on the diffusion and solubility coefficients of various polymeric materials with oxygen; a typically Fickian relationship where the diffusion coefficient is independent of permeant concentration and time.
kp=permeability coefficient of the permeant through the membrane (cm-1); and
The Acting Kuwait Permeant Representative to the UN Bader Al-Munayekh in a speech before the UN Security Council late Wednesday emphasized reducing weapons' proliferation in Darfur.