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allowing fluids or gases to pass or diffuse through

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For people in our state, particularly in this part where we have been growing so much, the words permeable and impermeable have been in our vocabulary for quite some time," said Rep.
These new pavers will revolutionise landscape design as they are permeable through the entire face of the paver," she said.
Of course, this reminded me of what it means to have a permeable soul.
A permeable design encompasses not just a structural design but also a hydraulic one.
Early permeable pavements typically consisted of stone, concrete, or plastic pavers laid out in a grid pattern with soil and grass between the individual units.
Often lumped together, porous pavement and permeable pavers are two methods that help rainwater reach the ground.
In addition, Circle Pharma has begun collaborating with Pfizer on two projects aimed at developing cell permeable macrocyclic peptide therapeutics.
Hence the study of Bingham fluid flow through a conical tube with permeable wall is of considerable importance in medicine.
Permeable or porous pavement, on the other hand, allows rainwater to filter into the ground while providing a durable surface for vehicles and foot traffic.
Porvair Sciences' 500120 series gas permeable adhesive microplate seals allow uniform air and carbon dioxide exchange but prevent moisture evaporation, making them suited for Eukaryotic cell culture and long-term live cell assays.
Porvair Sciences has introduced the 500120 series gas permeable adhesive microplate seals that allow uniform air and carbon dioxide (CO2) exchange, but prevent moisture evaporation making them perfect for Eukaryotic cell culture and long-term live cell assays.
Permeable Block Paving: Blocks come in a range of colours and can be laid to create a pattern.
Reducing storm water runoff to improve water quality is a key initiative across the United States, and many communities have issued guidelines encouraging homeowners and builders to use permeable construction materials for walkways, patios, sidewalks and driveways.
BAUSCH & LOMB has launched new packaging for its full range of gas permeable lenses.
It says: "If the surface to be covered is more than five square metres, planning permission will be needed for laying a traditional, impermeable (non porous) driveway or hardsurfaced area that does not provide for rainwater to run to a permeable area.