permanent injunction

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injunction issued on completion of a trial

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One way to look at it is the Supreme Court case that made permanent injunctions harder to get might result in making it easier to get preliminary injunctions.
The Federal District Court's permanent injunction remains in full force and effect for all other end customers as it has been since January 24, 2011.
By its contempt order, the court found that Innova violated the permanent injunction by engaging in one or more of the proscribed activities in connection with the spray pattern and plume geometry equipment it has made, marketed, used, sold, and exported since entry of the permanent injunction.
The permanent injunction comes on the heels of a verdict by a federal jury in April awarding over $29.
a leading provider of wireless location technologies and solutions and a subsidiary of Liberty Media Corporation, today announced that the United States Court of Appeals for the Federal Circuit has affirmed a judgment and permanent injunction against Andrew Corporation, a division of Commscope, Inc.
District Court in Minneapolis issued a comprehensive permanent injunction in favor of GTT.
Lane was scheduled to hear a trial so the building owner, Al Dickens, could seek a permanent injunction prohibiting the city from operating the driving range.
The Court also ruled that Amgen is entitled to a permanent injunction prohibiting Roche from selling its pegylated-erythropoietin (peg-EPO) product MIRCERA in the U.
A suit sought a permanent injunction against a county jail's policy of strip searching newly arrived pretrial detainees upon their initial admission.
Prosecutors also are seeking a permanent injunction and civil penalties.
In addition, on June 2, 2008 United States District Judge Dee Benson entered a permanent injunction against StructuRad and Drs.
I hope that the civil penalties that were imposed and the permanent injunction will act as an incentive for the companies to improve their business practices,'' said Deputy District Attorney Michael Schwartz.
1 million in damages and a permanent injunction against further infringement by GlobalSantaFe.
Prison officials moved, under the provisions of the Prison Litigation Reform Act (PLRA), to terminate a nearly 14-year-old permanent injunction that required a prison law clinic to remain open.
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