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WIR's multi-factor print permanence test procedure extends beyond the effects of accelerated light exposure to evaluate the display and storage factors that can affect the life of a print over time.
In an effort to keep the lesson interesting and motivating, each instructional session provided only three opportunities for Jamie to perform the object permanence task.
Children initially placed in kinship foster care during their first removal episode are no less likely to achieve legal permanence through reunification, adoption, and guardianship than are children initially placed in nonkinship foster care during their first removal episode.
More importantly for Israel, the permanence of the Jewish presence resulted in a sea change in how the Palestinians viewed their situation.
The permanence of the hunting moratorium remains in question.
A DVD that both parents and infants can enjoy together, The Baby Society stimulates early language skills of visual tracking, object permanence, auditory attention, recognition of objects, cause and effect, naming/labeling, and understanding of early language concepts and phrases.
Lislegaard has created a virtual environment characterized by sharp lines and convincingly modeled forms that draws the viewer in before revealing its initial impression of permanence and solidity to be illusory.
By the 1980s, squatters, artists and entrepreneurs were colonising the redundant building stock and by 2001, the community had such an air of permanence and legitimacy, that the industrialisation plans were scrapped.
All it does is gives me permanence and makes it difficult for my district or principal to get me out.
Although the resource stewardship agreements are a step in the right direction for tourism operators, Yuan says it does not provide long-term permanence for recreation and tourism on Crown land.
They argued about the permanence of animal forms, the nature and life period of the creatures they unearthed, the care and display of their specimens, and the ethics of completing skeletons with plaster The science organizations of the day were always eager to hear of their latest findings and interpretations, and they wrote plenty of books arguing their point of view.
Edenol 9058 (DOZ) monomeric plasticizer used in applications such as film and decals offers superior low-temperature properties as well as permanence and weatherability.
This tactic hastened the process of learning about the permanence of objects for younger infants, Johnson and his coworkers propose in an upcoming Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences.
However, Baillargeon's clever test of object permanence proved that infants as young as three and a half months have a sense of object permanence.