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ground that is permanently frozen

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Permafrost is a thick subsurface layer of soil that remains below freezing point throughout the year, occurring chiefly in polar regions.
Still, the scariest upshot of future permafrost thawing resides in the huge amount of greenhouse gases it freezes over.
So the goal is to put a herd of woolly mammoths in Siberian tundra to keep the permafrost from melting.
An underlying problem was that permafrost around the entrance of the vault, which had thawed from the heat of construction a decade ago, has not re-frozen as predicted by scientists, Aschim said.
Des scientifiques ont confie que d'autres virus ont egalement ete emprisonnes par le permafrost (le sol qui est gele en permanence).
Naturally, the bodies were buried under the upper layer of permafrost soil, on the bank of the Kolyma River," Boris Kershengolts, of the Siberian branch of the Academy of Sciences, told The Independent.
Once mobilised, aquatic microbes can efficiently 'feed' on this permafrost, releasing 'old' carbon dioxide into the Earth's atmosphere.
A polar icecap or region of permafrost close to its melting point is at a tipping point.
Editors Haeberli and Whiteman present students, academics, researchers, and professionals working in a variety of contexts with a survey of contemporary research and understanding regarding the hazards and risks of glacier, ice-sheet and sea-ice melting, slope instability, avalanches, glacier lake outburst floods, permafrost degradation and their myriad impacts.
One of the reasons 44 percent of the roads are unpaved is because it's simply less expensive to maintain dirt roads in those areas than to have to pave, patch, and repave them year after year because they've heaved, cracked, and settled from thawing and freezing ground, says Jeff Currey, a materials engineer for the Northern Region who designs road projects in an attempt to reduce impacts from permafrost.
The potential release of this powerful greenhouse gas from melting Arctic permafrost had considerable traction in the news over the last year.
Conducted by laboratories of international stature, these scientific projects are expected to focus on a range of topics, including the risk of invasion by particular species of insects and the consequences of climate change of the Southern Ocean, the accelerating melting of the permafrost, as well as studies into climate history with the target of adjusting existing climate models.
The installation and use of ground source heat pumps (GSHPs) for heating in Interior Alaska has substantially increased in recent years, raising questions about the efficiency and long-term performance of heat pump installations in areas of discontinuous permafrost and low annual temperatures.
After lying dormant in Siberian permafrost for 30,000 years, the largest virus ever discovered is just as deadly as it was when mammoths roamed the Earth.
Harsh climate conditions, very deep permafrost (up to 700 m), degradation and settlement of permafrost due to warming effects, complex tectonics and difficult access to the area must be considered in designing the monitoring scheme to give reliable results with the sub-centimetre accuracy.