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Synonyms for perkiness

cheerfulness that bubbles to the surface


inappropriate playfulness

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Wallis conveys the energy and perkiness of her character convincingly and charmingly, but lacks even a hint of the desperation that lies behind the belted-out infinite deferral of "Tomorrow.
The only classified ad category that showed any perkiness was real estate, though that stems from Scripps' miniscule gain in the category (see below).
A customer, Camille says, “After having my son, and working so hard to lose all the pregnancy weight, I felt it had taken a toll on the firmness and perkiness of my breasts.
But as that television commercial for the special-edition "Warriors in Pink" Mustang illustrates, breast-cancer awareness is now big business, with the unnerving perkiness that seems permanently attached to any mention of the disease now firmly tied to any number of commercial products.
Wonderbra conducted the survey to celebrate National Cleavage Day, with women judging breasts based on their perkiness, size and the way they sit together, the Mirror reported.
Remember that in future," he replied with a smile that betrayed the true perkiness of his nature.
Readers are steered from the seven rhetorical sins (melodrama, needlessness, cliche, pretension, craftiness, perkiness, and wordiness) with particularly odious examples.
Icing the fact-cake was highly palatable presenter Becca Wilcox, whose Fraggle-like, super-caffeinated perkiness was super-annoying until it dawned that she wasn't taking the show remotely seriously either.
This perkiness translated into arrogance, carelessness and, ultimately, stupidity.
What is disturbing about the culture she describes is its uniformity, the sense that there is no space for those who might react to trauma with something other than plush toys and perkiness.
The flowers took about three months to bloom into long yellow petals encircling deep brown seed-filled heads and now fill numerous fields with an infectious perkiness.
Roberts and Austin are perkiness personified while Kudrow and Dillon embrace their roles as villains.
Vinegar's complex flavor profile injects a cocktail with sophistication, but its unrelenting perkiness never lets a drink take itself too seriously.
The female anchor could be a combination of the empathy of Barbara Waiters, the friendliness of Diane Sawyer, the perkiness of Katie Couric, the no-nonsense demeanor of Christiane Amanpour, and the good humor of Meredith Vieira.