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Synonyms for perk

Synonyms for perk

an incidental benefit awarded for certain types of employment (especially if it is regarded as a right)

gain or regain energy

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As a mobile rewards platform, Perk brings together the interests of consumers, advertisers, and publishers by offering users rewards such as Perk Points which is a digital reward system.
Perk was attracted to this location as it not only has dense residential surrounding the site, it is also across the street from Metropolitan Hospital as well as adjacent to what will be a new Second Avenue subway entrance at East 96th Street and Second Avenue.
There will also be special activities and giveaways in conjunction with Eight O'Clock Coffee at Central Perk on Sept.
Perk Fresh Link is also available in Absolute Zero, described as a cool masculine fragrance.
Owned by Kane Russell, Central Perk is the region's first branch of the coffee shop.
YARD PERK This California native produces purple blooms that butterflies go crazy for; find it at native-plant nurseries.
Members of Unite who took industrial action for three days from last weekend have now received letters telling them they are losing the perks.
On top of announcing the 2009 PERK Program, RIMS is also excited to announce the launch of the new PERK webpage.
But in France the proportion of company cars taken as a perk is only 10% and in Portugal 25%.
What types of perks are association CEOs getting these days?
However, both men and women see a pension with employer contribution as a key benefit--almost 90 per cent of respondents rated it as their choice of a top perk.
Now most of us are simply not in that league, but you can perk up your deal.
Consider the health care perk, which is arguably the most damaging of them all, as it can easily blind top policymakers to the urgency of the nation's problem.
In that context, the free travel perk enjoyed by current and former board members is completely unjustifiable, and I am calling on the board of Aer Lingus to rescind the perk immediately.