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marked by lying under oath

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Newman asked, before skewering further: "Do you believe you perjured yourself?
She added: "The complainant was willing to continue with the lie during three statements and on giving evidence perjured herself.
Gadon has and will have many problems arising from the fact that he has perjured himself multiple times,' she said in a television interview on Monday.
Herodotou, 30, who had been wanted by police since 2011 over the accident and had apparently been living in Greece with herparentssince the incident, was acquitted in the first trial in 2009, but state prosecutors preparing for an appeal discovered that evidence submitted in her trial had been forged and tampered with, and at least one defence witness had perjured himself.
The judge told her: "Somebody went to prison for a long time as a result of your perjured evidence.
In six cases, the experts perjured themselves in court, said the judge.
In six cases, the experts perjured themselves when they gave evidence on oath when disputes went to court, said the judge.
The American people deserve a full investigation into whether Sessions perjured himself and if he is indeed fit to serve as our nation's highest law enforcement official.
He describes the 18 months of inaction by corrupt county officials, perjured court testimony, livestock raids on both sides of the international border, stagecoach holdups, and ambush murders.
It resulted in 95 miners facing trumped up charges based on fabricated police evidence, with officers found to have perjured themselves.
Department of Public Safety Trooper Brian Encinia will appeal his firing and disputes the allegation that he perjured himself, his attorney told The Texas Tribune.
Furthermore, Avenging Lincoln's Death reveals that the accomplices were convicted on perjured testimony, and that the government submitted unrelated evidence of Confederate atrocities to cognitively capture the minds of the panel of officers.
Cairns said the interview with the Metropolitan Police was in relation to an allegation that he had perjured himself at his defamation trial against Lalit Modi in the London High Court in 2012.
In 1881-82, during the Land War, two innocent men--Patrick Finnegan and Constable Michael Muldowney--were convicted of murder based on the perjured testimony of informers, and spent 20 years in jail.
WHYTE last night denied BBC claims that he may have perjured himself in a court case.