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Synonyms for perjure

to make untrue declarations

Words related to perjure

knowingly tell an untruth in a legal court and render oneself guilty of perjury

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But if you had an affair 20 years ago, so long as you do not perjure yourself or impugn another's character to exonerate yourself, keep it quiet.
Graham and his comrades in deception were willing to falsify legislative history and perjure themselves in the service of absolute presidential powers.
But do you reasonably believe that individuals coming before the legislature would perjure themselves so we need something on the books?
Irish poet Theophilus Swift produced a pamphlet saying Rhynwick was the victim of an elaborate conspiracy, claiming the pounds 100 reward for the monster had led some witnesses to perjure themselves.
The Recorder said Dawe had decided not to perjure himself by going into the witness box and telling lies.
Then he got religion and wrote a book, False Witness, recanting his testimony and charging, among other things, that Roy Cohn got him to perjure himself as a witness in one of the Smith Act trials.
But last night News of the World editor Phil Hall accused Lord Archer of having asked Mr Francis to perjure himself - because at the time, the novelist thought that September 9 was the date he would be quizzed about in court.
The client intended to perjure himself The lawyer advised the client that if he testified falsely, the lawyer would have to withdraw from representation and reveal to the court that he was committing perjury.
The town created the fraternal camaraderie that led their friends to perjure themselves for the sake of "not snitching on a friend.
Harkins cocaine in exchange for his promise to perjure himself on Mr.
In his closing submission, Mr O'Neill said Mr Kean perjured himself, and also coerced a "naive and impressionable young legal secretary to perjure herself ".