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covered all over with uniformly distributed flagella

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Microscopic and biochemical observations revealed that, the two studied Photorhabdus types are Gram-negative, rod-shaped bacteria that are motile with peritrichous flagella.
Kluyvera is a small, peritrichous, mobile, oxidase negative, catalase positive gram negative bacillus and ferments glucose (1, 4, 5).
Enterobacter cancerogenus was proposed by Dickey and Zumoff, with the description of Gram-negative, straight bacilli that are a facultative anaerobe and are motile with peritrichous flagella.
It lacks a capsule and mobilizes by means of peritrichous flagella with an optimum mobilization temperature between 20 and 25[degrees]C, with little or no mobility at 37[degrees]C (1).
monocytogenes strains attach to environmental surfaces and form biofilms, perhaps by using peritrichous flagella encoded by flaA gene (2).
fragilis may possess peritrichous fimbriae and lectin-like adhesions.