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a style that involves indirect ways of expressing things

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The entrenchment of adverbs seems to be taking place only in the synthetic forms, that is, the preterite, the base form and the past participle, whereas the analytical forms, have + past participle and the historical perfect periphrasis be + past participle, do not require adverbial support so often.
5) This rise may be explained by the fact that after the Middle English period, during which the subjunctive was particularly common in conditional protases in Northern Middle English (Fischer 1992: 349-350), the indicative gradually became more frequent in Modern English (Visser 1966: [section]880) and modal periphrasis was an alternative (Rissanen 1999: 308) to the subjunctive and the indicative.
Whereas Borges translates Balfour's phrase literally ("servants," "portrait," "beauty," "defects"), he chooses periphrasis to translate Giles (Giles describes a man who does not care about ornamentation, since his amputated leg already compromises his beauty.
It remains to be determined whether, as Callaway (1913) suggests, VOSende was entirely a syntactic borrowing, or whether OE might have developed its own participle complements, at the same time perhaps as the beon/wesan + participle periphrasis spread.
As such, the advent of the geological period informally referred to as the Anthropocene (3) is coextensive with the shift in focus of contemporary' poets away from the urbane sophistication and periphrasis of the late Augustans, to the direct expression of the natural world as the essential site of spiritual veneration and awakening.
In light of his definition and examples, Abd al-Qahir al-Jurjani understands kinaya as periphrasis or metonymy.
According to von Hallberg, Merrill's frequent use of stylistic tools such as mannerism, euphemism, periphrasis is expressive of his class loyalty.
Two questions which have been central in previous research on adjectival periphrasis are the following:
Although Davis points out other indications for indicating the beloved's sex in these poems, such as pomegranate flowers as a periphrasis for a woman's breasts or the new grass of spring as a periphrasis for the first signs of an adolescent boy's beard (Davis, 1996), in most cases it is up to the reader to guess--or not--the beloved's gender.
It is Langacker's position (1991: 37) on periphrasis which prompted our research in view of constructional meaning of light verb constructions: "(W)hat distinguishes the periphrastic variants is their application to a particular cognitive domain, namely the conception of a process".
The first context can be predicted from the Spanish system: the English sequence [V + English gerund] is translated into a [V + Spanish infinitive] and a [Verbal Periphrasis with infinitive] in Spanish.
Beck's impersonal self is produced through involvement with the words of others; he makes extensive use of citation and periphrasis in his texts, interweaving others' words rather than merely offering instances of intertextuality, and suggesting that creativity is a force that has nothing to do with personal talent or inspiration.
The reader is thus asked to supply 'male' alongside the phrases 'homosexual' or 'same-sex' throughout this essay in order to avoid cumbrous periphrasis.
The group of lexical-syntactic transformations includes transposition, antonymic translation, periphrasis, sense development and compensation.