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a sudden and unexpected change of fortune or reverse of circumstances (especially in a literary work)

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Such mutual correlations were demonstrated by the project which meaningfully enriched Vilnius as the capital of culture, with a symptomatic title "City in cinema, cinema in city", in the frame of which in various public spaces of the city there took place free film reviews representing the peripeteias of foreign cities and their inhabitants.
The narrator Jaak Sirkel, one of Kross's doubles, alternately transmits what he himself remembers of his schoolmate Ullo, in the 1930s and later, and what the latter tells him in 1986-the second year of Gorbachev's perestro|ka-about the crucial peripeteias of his past life during the war, under the German and Russian occupations and in postwar Soviet Estonia.
As we have come to expect in Labou Tansi's novels, there is a flow of events marked by violent and surrealistic peripeteias.