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a dense fibrous membrane covering the surface of bones (except at their extremities) and serving as an attachment for tendons and muscles

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First, the superficial fascia, pubic periosteum and Buck fascia were sutured and fixed together at the 12 o'clock position of base of the penis.
Telangiectatic osteosarcoma classically presents as a destructive, osteolytic lesion with interrupted periosteum and internal fluid-fluid levels within a soft tissue mass at cross-sectional imaging which may mimic aneurysmal bone cyst.
Human femoral neck has less cellular periosteum, and more mineralized periosteum, than femoral diaphyseal bone.
23) Growing osteomas are surrounded by connective tissue resembling the periosteum, and peripheral trabeculae are formed of woven bone typically deposited by a border of osteoblasts.
From a dermatology perspective, a previously unexplored vertical market, remarkable healing responses have been observed following Mohs surgery for patients diagnosed with squamous and basal cell carcinomas, including deep surgical wounds extending to the periosteum (a membrane that lines the outer surface of bones).
The most successful pediatric device developers are connoisseurs of the juvenile physique, fully aware of the sensitivities of children's growth plates (zones of cartilage at each end of the long bones), the hypermobility of their joints, the strength of their periosteum (the membrane lining the outer surface of all bones except large bone joints), the degree to which their femurs bow, and the number of additional bones they support upon their frames (94) compared with adults.
To complete the surgery, the periosteum was sutured over the construct and then the buccal muscosa was sutured over again to form a double-layered closure (Fig.
The most common sites of involvement are bone, periosteum, soft tissue, lymph nodes, and skin; however, intraparenchymal involvement of GS in the central nervous system (CNS) is rare (6-8).
The periosteum has both an outer fibrous (collagenous) layer and an inner osteogenic layer, which contains cells that can develop into osteoblasts that are important in fracture repair and increasing the width of bone.
Damage can extend into the periosteum and, at the worst, into bones themselves.
Although osteoblasts usually form bone where it has been reabsorbed, anti-sclerostin antibodies induce formation of bone on "quiet" surfaces such as the periosteum, which increases the diameter and bending strength of long bones, he said.
First, on triple phase bone scans, the last phase is abnormal indicating that the bone and periosteum are involved.
During needle placement, patients were advised that they might experience pain, pressure, paraesthesia or discomfort from local anaesthetic injection, needle impingement on the periosteum, insertion of the epidural catheter and dural puncture, and that all these sensations should contribute to their assessment of perceived pain.
Prior to the placement of the implants, the patient has lost bone and blood supply around the area, and scarring of the periosteum can also be seen.
2005] used a combination of a diode laser to manipulate soft tissues and the Er:YAG laser for the periosteum and the final collagen fibres.