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Synonyms for periodical

Synonyms for periodical

happening or appearing at regular intervals

happening or appearing now and then

Synonyms for periodical

a publication that appears at fixed intervals

happening or recurring at regular intervals


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Yet just three years later, in the same periodical, albeit under different editorship, the Reverend Edward W.
They had the Catalogue of the British Museum (the title not yet changed to "Library"); the Dictionary of National Biography; Mitchell's Newspaper Press Directory (and the other press directories such as Deacon's, Everett's, May's, and Sell's); Poole's Index to Periodical Literature; and the Times Tercentenary Handlist of English and Welsh Newspapers, Magazines and Reviews.
Baker and Jackson (1993) envision a future when requests for mainstream periodical articles are directed programmatically to the most cost-effective supplier (p.
Delafield's conclusion within her discussion of periodical editors, that Charles Dickens allowed "Household Words [to] sacrifice[] itself for All the Year Round as Sydney Carton [from the serialized novel A Tale of Two Cities] sacrificed himself for Charles Damay" (58), presents a fresh way to link thematic concerns between novel and periodical, as does her reading of the multi-narrated Moonstone as an imitation of "a periodical edited by Dickens with all the boundaries and thresholds oriented towards control but where no control was finally possible" (147).
I have followed tendencies in newspaper and periodical research since my first forays into the field in the mid 1990s.
Experts of the human rights organization came to this conclusion after a legal analysis of the law on the periodical press and other mass media, adopted in 2013.
The periodical must announce the delivery schedule for the promotional goods.
These epigraphs are a sample of the conflicted and complex Victorian view of periodical poetry: the poems are bountiful yet too bountiful; valuable yet ephemeral; disliked by poets who are nevertheless dependent on periodicals for their career.
Missions and media; the politics of missionary periodicals in the long nineteenth century.
Zakaryan recalled that the periodical was founded in 2010 by the GXP Education Center of the MPI Union and the
Forging a unified and singular identity for the periodical was central to its purpose of organizing a diffuse range of topics and information into a coherent and identifiable voice: contributors' anonymity was a crucial part in this objective.
In doing so, he does not seek to categorise or create a typology of periodical culture; rather, by demonstrating explicit and implicit links between editors, contributors, readers and the development of American nationhood, he calls attention to a fertile area of cross-disciplinary scholarship.
The purpose of this study is to understand the use of periodical articles in research conducted by master's students in Information Science (MSIS) and Library Science (MSLS) programs, which will be referred to jointly as "MLIS" students.
The periodical cicada Brood XIX emerged during May and June 2011 in southernmost Posey County, bringing to five the number of established broods in Indiana.
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