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3 The Contractor shall include all labor, material and equipment necessary to handle, package, transport, and dispose of/recycle/incinerate all HHW collected at the periodic events, at the AUTHORITY s permanent Highway 59 Landfill collection site, and the Billy Wright Landfill s Recycle-Only site, including but not limited to the following:
The International Center for Islamic Economy will be a major focal point for providing Islamic economy and finance services through studies and databases, periodic events, annual reports, and scientific analyses to address current and future market issues.
Turnarounds are planned, periodic events when a production facility is taken offline for a defined period for inspection and maintenance work.
The Commission also proposed activating the parents committees at schools, and to organize periodic events and meetings for parents to serve as means to bring families closer together through the school's environment by creating a common factor between families, holding them responsible for the follow up and protection of the students.
Moreover, the conference was successful in demonstrating the role of QRCE and the periodic events they supervise and coordinate to help the creative owners of inventions and innovations develop their businesses.
The meeting discussed the possibility of holding periodic events to consider needs of Somalia and its neighboring countries that are shouldering burdens of the difficult humanitarian condition due to the unstable situation in Somalia.
District offices also hold periodic events for small business owners to meet with contracting officers.
The ministry holds periodic events in co-ordination with Economic Development Board, the Central Bank of Bahrain, Bahrain Chamber of Commerce and Industry and Bahrain Development Bank.
Since its launch in 2004, the Souk al-Tayeb, which uses food as a tool to promote national identity and culture, has been expanding its activities to include food competitions of traditional Lebanese dishes, activities for children and adults, pottery and art exhibitions, as well as book fairs in periodic events across the country.
The space will officially open in September 2006, though periodic events and private receptions will be held in advance of that date.
On the basis of the present results, along with corresponding negative results from the previous traffic accident study, it was concluded that Spottiswoode's findings most likely were due to incidental correspondences between periodic events.
Charities that organise periodic events for social and fund-raising purposes are being urged to fight for VAT relief on the income raised.
To reach that high-end customer, Gabberts holds periodic events when additional products are brought in from its primary vendors.
To explain the apparent pattern, scientists have invoked cyclic meteor showers, galactic rotation and other periodic events.
18 million dinars have been mobilised over three years to promote Saharan tourism, knowing that the difficult situation underwent by the sector has prompted the organisation of periodic events, namely every two months to attract tourists across the year," he added.