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Synonyms for periodic

Synonyms for periodic

happening or appearing at regular intervals

Synonyms for periodic

happening or recurring at regular intervals

recurring or reappearing from time to time


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Bob Afamasaga says, “The New Science Physics Newsletter discusses Physics Periodic Table and Super Standard Model of 44 Elementary Particles which were created based on a single String called a Wavicle String that divides to form 2 other main Strings called Wave and Particle.
i]'(n)) | 0 [less than or equal to] i [less than or equal to] P - 1} be a family of odd- periodic perfect complementary sequences pairs of period N, and {([b.
Furthermore, the median periodic limb movement index in those receiving SSRIs was significantly higher than the index in those not receiving SSRIs (11.
Of course, that should be the properties of the periodic table, since the standard castles-with-turrets look of our table, though chiselled into the back of every extant chemistry book, is just one possible arrangement of elements.
The layout of the Periodic Table is reviewed and maintained regularly by the International Union of Pure and Applied Chemistry.
The Assistant Director General of the Periodic Technical Testing Authority, Eng.
2) and concluded the existence of a periodic solution of (1.
A monotone-iterative scheme is established for finding the periodic solution of the model, a set of easily verifiable sufficient conditions are obtained for the existence of at least one strictly positive periodic solutions.
In this paper we use the theory of semigroup of bounded linear operators in a complex Banach space to establish the existence and uniqueness of a pseudo almost periodic mild solution of a retarded functional differential equation.
The periodic table of Earth's elements may soon need an extra slot.
The periodic table is an icon of science, yet its significance is often overlooked, writes Scerri, a chemistry professor.
Periodic breathing during sleep and during exercise appear to be very common in patients with stable heart failure, affecting about half of them, reported Dr.
From The Periodic Table To Production: The Life Of Thomas Midgley, Jr.
Data collected from over 150,000 women in 15 countries were used to consider whether correct knowledge of the fertile period leads to a more effective use of periodic abstinence.