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a white solid mineral that occurs naturally as periclase

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The stop-monoblock of corundum graphite composition with the periclase head part (according to the terms of reference dated October 17, 2017 and drawing 30.
Premier Periclase offers seawater-based large crystal sinter and produces around 70,000 tonnes of sintered magnesia per year.
In these situations, periclase may have formed by dissociation of magnesite according to reaction (1):
Processing and removing low-magnetic impurities from quartz sand, white synthetic curundum, pegmatite, periclase and other materials with the aim of substantially enhancing the quality of raw materials for glass and abrasives industries.
3 million off the assets of its Ireland-based refractory brick-making business Premier Periclase as it fell into losses and has been temporarily closed.
For years, locals living near the Premier Periclase plant just outside Drogheda have awoken to find a light dusting of a snow-like substance on trees and cars - even in summer.
Through an arrangement with the Dead Sea Bromine Group and Dead Sea Periclase, AmeriHaas will offer commercial quantities of several grades of magnesium hydroxide (FR-20), which allows production of nonhalogen, low-smoke, flame-retarded thermoplastics without high filler loadings.
These colors were classified as specific mineralogical phases such as spinel or periclase.
An accelerating voltage of 20 kV, with a beam current of 1-2 nA, and counting time of 50 s, were used to analyse the silicates by SEM, using the following standards: albite (Na), periclase (Mg), wollastonite (Si and Ca), and orthoclase (K), and synthetic [Al.
Technical specification of the fillers provided by the supplier (Premier Periclase Ltd.
Chrome-spinel was found to be more resistant to attack than periclase which was highly susceptible to attack by S[O.
In OSA, more than 40 different mineral phases were identified by X-ray analyses with the major phases being anhydrite, quartz, periclase, calcite, and wollastonite [1].
Dead Sea Periclase Ltd produced 64,000 t of refractory grade magnesia (periclase) in 1990.