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a framework that supports climbing plants

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com, a company that helps people transform their plain backyards into attractive and usable spaces, are pleased to announce that they are now selling top quality vinyl pergola kits and patio covers.
When you're in the garden, as well as admiring the well-stocked borders, your eyes are drawn upwards to pergolas adorned with clematis, arches and trees through which they cascade.
After tipping back the leading shoot to 36 inches above ground on planting, tie in suitable laterals at an angle to the wall or pergola, pruning side shoots to two-three buds.
Interestingly, the activity of the enzyme is reduced after treatment with testosterone also in the female immune cells", added Pergola.
Pergola, the lead investigator of the phase IIb study.
At one time, a state grant was awarded to restore the pergola.
Laura and Neal were however able to have the full ceremony outdoors as the pergola meets the legal requirements to have the declarations said under a roof.
The chef-owner of La Pergola Ristorante in Sherman Oaks has two garden plots totaling a half-acre, one of them just a few steps from his establishment, and he builds a nightly specials menu from whatever has been harvested by his full-time gardener.
To make the yard appear larger, she set the bench and pergola at angles to the house.
If you have the room, why not opt for an attractive pergola - an open-roof arrangement set on posts.
The form of the pergola structure is partly inspired by the delicate twig constructions of land artist Andy Goldsworthy.
The trees have thrived, wildlife has begun to return, local Boy Scouts have use the area for Eagle Scout projects, including the construction of a pergola, a bridge over a creek, and benches around the pond.
More prosaically, this modernist grid, freed from the plane and projected into space, could be that of a pavement (in which case the space would be upside down), a sort of apparatus for suspending oneself above the ground, or even a simple pergola, thereby revealing the natural sources of certain architectures.
A pergola is similar to an arbor in that it is an open framework on which vines can climb.