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Synonyms for perfuse

force a fluid through (a body part or tissue)

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cause to spread or flush or flood through, over, or across


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Regarding the histological findings, we observed that, in healthy pregnancy, the spiral arteries of the myometrium and the decidua that perfuse the placenta undergo severe remodeling, presenting, at the end of process, diameters at least four times larger than those found in the arteries which are not involved in the pregnancy.
In this setting, the Impella heart pumps stabilize the patient's hemodynamics, unload the left ventricle, perfuse the end organs, and allow for recovery of the native heart.
Our system runs in a normal cell culture dish, and there are no pumps; we use pressure heads to perfuse media through the vasculature.
At the Wisconsin hospital, officials purchased a second kidney perfusion machine to eliminate the need to simultaneously perfuse multiple kidneys on the same machine.
However, in both these studies the sample size was very small, low-risk patients were included and patients with poor LV were excluded and they did not perfuse the vein grafts with warm blood at the time of proximal anastomosis.
For example, involvement of the spiral modiolar arterywould lead to the historically described "cochlear" MD with low-frequency hearing loss; additional involvement of the vestibular arteries would lead to typical MD findings with vertigo and hearing loss; and involvement of the cochlear artery (found to primarily perfuse the basal cochlea) would result in atypical high-frequency hearing loss in MD [61, 71].
It is a dynamic technique using a continuous flow of solutions to perfuse and maintain residual metabolism of the graft [26].
The fact that differences did not appear until the last stage of the protocol can be explained because of the time lactate needs to perfuse from the muscle fiber to the blood, where it is distributed through the organism.
Wiser, experienced physicians know that older patients with significant pre-existing vascular disease and other medical problems often require higher blood pressure than optimal levels to perfuse critical organs like the kidneys and brain.
Another technology allows better utilization of culture surfaces and includes the suspension-based micro-carrier solutions which change the dynamic environments of the cells; these methods can introduce shear forces that stress the cells and are also limited in the ability to perfuse media allowing optimization of the culture conditions.
Over 1500 /[micro] of plasma per mg of tissue per day perfuse the human heart (25), conditions that according to our data would allow extraction of the majority of cTnT in 24 h without the need for extensive myofibrillar degradation given an unrestricted plasma flow in the damaged area.
In the third step we have focused on how to perfuse RNA-later into the pancreatic tissues.
consuming adequate clean water to move toxins out and perfuse tissues with necessary hormones
When dealing with a patient suffering from a serious head injury, it is important to prevent secondary brain injury by providing adequate oxygenation and maintaining stable blood pressure at a level that is sufficient to perfuse the brain with rapid transfer of the patient to a trauma centre that is capable of immediate and definitive neurosurgical intervention.
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