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a person who makes (and sells) perfumes

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She must have excelled because Kate was taken on to train with the chief perfumer.
We arrived at the Shampure aroma through a team of aromatherapists, pharmacologists and perfumers who worked together to determine exactly which essential oils would blend harmoniously to tell this story.
Le Nez currently offers Histoires de Parfums and The Different Company, as well as Paris' first niche brand Jovoy; former Givenchy perfumer Mark Buxton, who now makes perfumes for his self-named brand with names like Sleeping with Ghosts; and Quintessence, which makes home fragrance and candles.
Finalists at the Young Perfumer Talent Hunt taking part in the grand finale in Dubai on Friday.
And what happens when you ask a perfumer to come up with a new fragrance inspired by a poem?
The collaboration between top creative perfumer Kate Williams and Hall musicians is being explored by the Pendine Park care organisation in Wrexham.
PERFUMER Jean-Paul Guerlain has been convicted by a French court of making racist insults on national television and fined [ETH]6,000 (pounds 5,000).
The Japanese perfumer Shiseido announced on Thursday it will begin doing business in Tunisia, with plans to market its global brand Shiseido, from February, in high-quality cosmetics shops.
I didn't want to let people know what we were doing," Contactmusic quoted perfumer Jacques Cavallier as telling Women's Wear Daily.
Summary: Jean-Claude Ellena is a perfumer who never wears perfume, whose tools are pen, paper and memory, and who sees his work as the "nose" for the French luxury house Hermes as that of a "scent writer.
The month-long Perfume Discovery sessions will commence on October 5, wherein participants will be trained to use an Olfactorium, a compact version of a perfumer palette, to learn the basics of perfume creation and create their own fragrance that truly exemplifies their distinct personality and style.
She sought knowledge by travelling to Yemen and spending five weeks learning from a perfumer.
Known as the Oscars of the fragrance world, this award remains the most important award bestowed to a perfumer, and for the first time, it is bringing the high-status accolade to the Middle East to honour the excellence and ingenuity of key players in the regional fragrance industry.
From the start his fragrances found favour with royalty and nobility, including Marie-Antoinette and Louis XVI and he quickly became the perfumer to all the royal courts of Europe.
INTERNATIONALLY renowned perfumer Jo Malone looks set to open a store in Cardiff, her first in Wales.