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Synonyms for perfumed

Synonyms for perfumed

filled or impregnated with perfume


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having a natural fragrance

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The NEW LUX Perfumed Bath Collection is available in both perfumed body washes and bar soaps.
It's not just a simple pendant or perfume; with Perfumed Jewelry, she makes the statement: “I am unique.
Perfumed trails take us away, and the journey undertaken is one of mystery and ardour.
Dubai The dusky, woody scent associated with the perfumed robes of the men and women of the Middle East is slowly seeping into the international market.
com) to view relics of the trade--as well as the perfumed hand of a 3,000-year-old mummy.
In 1614, King Louis XIII officially recognized the city's Guild of Perfumed Glove Makers, and in 1689 Louis XIV granted the guild the exclusive right to manufacture powder for the wigs that were then fashionable.
Fernando Aleu, the president of Compair, New York, a perfume manufacturer, told Beauty Fashion magazine: "Even if every camel roaming the desert would be lavishly perfumed, there would still be an excess of fragrance in the region.
com/research/757pvn/india_trade_of) has announced the addition of the "India Trade of Perfumed Bath Salts and Other Bath Preparations: Import, Export, Market Prospects" report to their offering.
The Rance Dynasty was originally known for producing perfumed gloves in the early 1600s for the French aristocracy in Grasse, France.
From perfumed smoke of bakhoor without which every solemn occasion or celebration in an Arab society is incomplete to oud, and other fragrances without which a person is incomplete; the Arab world exhales scents of the finest category.
There are plenty of wonderfully perfumed shrubs to choose from, whatever the time of year, but all too often smaller gardens are short-changed, and it isn't taken into account.
Seventeenth-century courtesans doused themselves with musk and myrrh, and dandies fended off offensive odors with perfumed handkerchiefs and nosegays.