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Synonyms for perforation

an opening, especially in a solid structure

a small mark or hole made by a sharp, pointed object

Words related to perforation

a line of small holes for tearing at a particular place

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a hole made in something

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the act of punching a hole (especially a row of holes as for ease of separation)

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All patients admitted via emergency with diagnosis of perforation peritonitis, who on surgery were found to have ileal perforation were included.
8,10) In otolaryngology, Erkilet et al reported in 2009 that autologous platelet-rich plasma effectively accelerated tympanic membrane perforation healing in rats.
The preoperative radiograph showed furcal perforation and erroneous access in the bucomesial aspect of the root canals (Figure 1a).
Acute acalculous cholecystitis associated with gallbladder perforation is often seen with severe infections like pneumonia, viral infections, and with enteric fever where the causative organism Salmonella typhii was identified in bile and are further concentrated in gallbladder (7).
Perforation of Meckel's diverticulum is a very rare entity in literature.
Key Words: Furcal Perforation, Mineral Trioxide Aggregate, Calcium Hydroxide, Root Canal Treatment.
Spontaneous perforation of gallbladder with intrahepatic bilioma.
Plum fruits harvested at pale green stage packed in 15 perforation packages proved the best in retaining most of the quality attributes during storage.
Material and Methods: A total of 150 patients with perforation peritonitis who underwent laparotomy were included in our study while those in which peritonitis was result of complication of previous treatment such as anastomotic dehiscence were excluded from the study.
In the cases of refractory corneal ulcer and melting, subsequent corneal perforation usually happens despite intensive nonsurgical treatments.
When the size of the TM perforation increases, more hearing loss at low frequencies is expected as more low-frequency sounds can escape through the bigger perforation.
A second esophagogastroduodenoscopy confirmed an esophageal perforation.
Another less common cause of perforation is injury and could result from the insertion of a sharp object into the ear, a blow to the ear, nearby explosion, barotrauma (pressure damage resulting from flying or diving), or a fracture to the base of the skull.
Corneal perforation is an important cause of ocular morbidity and vision loss, especially in developing countries.