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a powerful greenhouse gas emitted during the production of aluminum

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The company has under development a perfluorocarbon (PFC) therapeutic oxygen carrier and liquid ventilation product (Oxycyte) and has out-licensed an implantable glucose sensor.
The use of perfluorocarbons was proposed by Japanese physicians.
patent for improved perfluorocarbons for biological gas exchange.
New Alliance reportedly holds an exclusive license for Oxygent, the most clinically advanced perfluorocarbon (PFC) product in the world, with 20 clinical studies and ~250 preclinical studies already completed.
The emissions of these substances -- hydrofluorocarbon (HFC), perfluorocarbon (PFC) and sulfur hexafluoride (SF6) -- are expected to triple around 2010 from their 2003 levels.
The product is a second-generation formulation of the perfluorocarbon (PFC) emulsion Fluosol, which is the only FDA-approved blood substitute product for medical use in connection with blood supplementation.
OBI") (NASDAQ: OXBT), announced today that it has entered into a License and Supply Agreement with the Cosmetics Division of Valor SA of Lausanne, Switzerland, for Dermacyte, a perfluorocarbon based cosmetic product currently manufactured and distributed by Oxygen Biotherapeutics.
New Alliance Pharmaceuticals is holder of an exclusive licence for perfluorocarbon product Oxygent, whose extensive clinical history will earn Sanguine a leading position in oxygen therapy research and development, according to Sanguine's president, Frank Marra.
Perfluorocarbon emulsions as a class have been shown to cause transient thrombocytopenia in animals and humans and, because of emulsion particle clearance mechanisms, have raised questions regarding their potential impact on normal immune system function.
Perfluorocarbon liquid not only provides adequate gas exchange, but also helps heal damaged lung tissue, says Ronald B.
Navy plans to initiate preclinical studies to investigate the potential use of OBI's proprietary perfluorocarbon emulsion, Oxycyte([R]), as an intravenously delivered adjunctive treatment for complex infected wounds and related injuries.
Other researchers are studying chemically treated free hemoglobin and an entirely synthetic perfluorocarbon oil emulsion (SN: 8/28/82, p.
Oxycyte is the Company's perfluorocarbon (PFC) therapeutic oxygen carrier.
Dr Spiess notes: "Cutting-edge research has allowed us to learn how perfluorocarbon emulsions have a unified way of carrying important gases (based on Henry's law) involved in human metabolism.
The laboratory investigation suggests that administration of a perfluorocarbon with the characteristics and performance of Oxycyte combined with 100% oxygen therapy can reverse tissue oxygen deficit and holds promise for reducing ischemic injury," said Bruce D.