perfective aspect

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the aspect of a verb that expresses a completed action


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They cannot bear Ergative Case whether they are in perfective aspect or imperfective.
EVENT Perfective aspect Imperfective aspect High transitivity Low transitivity Assertive modality Non-assertive modality Main clause Subordinate clause Table 3.
According to Hajdu 1988 : 18, the time function of the interrogative mood form is perfective aspect rather than past tense.
When it combines with perfective aspect the inherently stative verb dyum provides a shade of the meaning that is typically associated with grammatical aspectual category of perfective.
The usual practice of correlating aspect with grammatical form creates a grey area in the case of languages that form their perfective aspect by the use of particles such as already van Barr argues that the two are very similar except for their scope within the Negative.
For example, narratives of all kinds are typically formulated in past tense, perfective aspect, and realis modality, whereas expository, argumentative, or descriptive texts rely mainly on the timeless present, generic aspect, and irrealis modality (Longacre 1996, Ragnarsdottir et al.
The complex constructions, which appear in the perfective aspect, are known as aspectual complex predicates.
The morphology of the perfective aspect is represented in the following scheme: [[[STEM.
The momentative implicates a perfective aspect, finalised action.
For a semantic characterization of the difference between the Aorist of Imperfective (-INTRA) and Perfective verbs (+AD) in Georgian, Nebieridze [1987: 137] draws a very similar distinction: "amit'om tu sruli asp'ekt'i c'q'vet'il asp'ekt'sac gulisxmobs, c'q'vet'ili asp'ekt'i ar gulisxmobs srul asp'ekt's--thus, if the Perfective aspect (= Slavic-style, V.
Often, presence of a morpheme denotes the perfective aspect and absence of that same sound the imperfective aspect.
a below is perfectly consistent with the hypothesis that the truck is the only IT in the sentence, since an IT (but not necessarily other arguments) must be definite for a sentence to be understood in perfective aspect, as completely requires; by contrast, the anomaly of 22.
This distinction between non-completion and completion, that is, imperfective and perfective aspect, can be exemplified by the following pairs of sentences:
In the perfective aspect, tense morpheme is absent and so for that reason the verb does not raise to T.