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a tense of verbs used in describing action that has been completed (sometimes regarded as perfective aspect)

the aspect of a verb that expresses a completed action

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Although early Christian reflection on liberal education was occasionally rich and usually spirited, it left largely unresolved how Christians should respond to those defending its perfective powers.
b) When we combine a stative verb with grammatical perfective aspect the inherent state is converted into an event.
He does not discuss our Groups 1 and 3, which may be characterised as realising perfect and perfective aspect respectively.
Furthermore, the analysis of "cultural transition as translation" in the text will use Wicomb's perspective as she conflates transition and translation by "explor[ing] the relationship between the original and the translated, between transition and translation, and how this is underpinned by temporality and the role of the perfective in the text" (Wicomb, 2002:215).
richly shows, this perfective moderation, in harmonizing passion and
Chairman PRCS Saeed Ahmad Qureshi said that the society recruits 24,000 volunteers every year drawn from various strata of society, particularly youth to bring new skills and bright perfective to the activities of the society.
This article investigates how English-speaking children interpret imperfective and perfective participles used attributively in a prenominal position, as in 'burning/burned candle'.
Table 1: Example of a morphological parse token procitamo pro cita mo stem inflectional parse prefix root suffix aspect verb 1st perfective transitive plural present
Keywords: Indo-Aryan, Shina, Dangari, Palula, Sawi, Kalkoti, Gawri, Kohistani, convergence, vowel alternation, vowel raising, recon struction, comparative method, aspect, perfective, imperfective, tense, grammaticalization, aspiration, consonant cluster, chain shift.
The generated thinner lamellae in the crystallites would melt at lower temperatures, whereas crystallites with thicker lamellae in a more perfective pattern melted at higher temperatures.
If we turn to various well-known Christian theological sources, it is apparent that divine beings are spiritual and invisible, that providence operates through the mediation of virtuous human beings, and, most importantly, that suffering can have value--it can be punishment for sin, it can be perfective, it can be expiatory, it can be redemptive, and it can lead to illumination.
2) "In general PP often took ge- because ge- expressed the action finished, and in Nhd (Neuhochdeutsch) almost all PPs came to take ge-, but till Mhd (Mittelhochdeutsch) verbs having a perfective meaning in themselves had not taken ge-" (Sagara 1950: 265) [my translation from Japanese].
One such stock phrase is --nganayi, 'it came from', which combines the source enclitic--ngana and the perfective marker--yi.
How much money do we spend on adaptive (adapting to a changed environment), perfective (adding enhancements), and corrective (fixing defects) maintenance?