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a person who is displeased by anything that does not meet very high standards

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Collins English Dictionary : Someone who is a perfectionist refuses to do or accept anything that is not as good as it could possibly be.
Practise replacing perfectionist or critical thoughts with realistic statements.
After spending considerable time establishing rapport with a perfectionist youth, Dr.
Rather than cutting back on desserts, for example, perfectionists will say, "I'm giving up all sugar
Thus, adaptive perfectionist and nonperfectionist counselor educators may present two different models of how to achieve lower levels of stress.
The present research gives rise to an important question: Does a healthy within-person combination of perfectionism exist, and, if so, why was the adaptive perfectionist profile in the present study associated with greater depression, anxiety, stress, and negative affect across two groups of students living in different countries?
Perfectionist SPF25 Bobbi Brown |Skin Weightless Powder Foundation, PS33 (bobbibrown.
Significant ANOVAs were followed up by Tukey's post hoc tests to evaluate the three pairwise differences among the perfectionist groups.
Famous in the film industry for being a perfectionist, this is not the first time mir has taken up the challenge of learning something new for a film role.
For Hamachek, a normal or more adaptive perfectionist was someone who pursued very high standards but whose self-esteem remained intact when those standards were not attained.
Early messages from teachers, coaches, peers, and the media regarding achievement and success may also influence whether or not one becomes a perfectionist.
Summary: At London's first ever men's fashion week, model David Gandy has insisted there is "nothing wrong" with being a perfectionist.
Sources on set have revealed that he is such a perfectionist that he has been a "nightmare" to work with in a fortnight that has seen a string of lurid revelations.
Summary: A perfectionist on your team is both a blessing and a curse.