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a person who is displeased by anything that does not meet very high standards

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System, plant growth factors, SPF 30 UVA--UVB physical sunscreen and lightweight, buildable coverage, Perfectionist 4-in-1 Cream supports collagen production, protects and restores skin's youthful appearance and provides just the right amount of coverage for flawless-looking skin.
Bobbi Weightless Foundation Bobbi Brown Skin |Weightless Powder Foundation, PS33 Perfectionist Perfectionist SPF25 (bobbibrown.
Estee Youth-estee |Lauder Perfectionist Yout hInfusing Makeup SPF25, PS37 (esteelauder.
A firm believer of 'looking the part' the perfectionist Khan has also gone through a drastic physical transformation in recent years, bulking up for his role in blockbuster 'Ghajini', growing out his hair and moustache for 'Mangal Panday' and recently toning down for his role in 'Dhoom:3' which sees him play a magician/crook called Sahir who performs elaborate stunts for his heists.
Among their findings, they discovered that self-oriented perfectionists showed significantly higher levels of workaholism.
Question 3 asked whether important persons in participants' lives had referred to them as perfectionist.
He is a complete perfectionist andhe analyses things to the Nth degree"
Don't put a perfectionist in a role that is overly complex or requires managing people.
Exercises and worksheets are designed to help readers combat perfectionist thoughts and behaviors and to enjoy life in all its imperfection.
Struggling to keep a perfect day The perfectionist he lives in total dismay Everything kept in it's very own place Polished and shined, facing round the right way Checking the dates on freshly baked bread Perfecting covers on neatly made beds Making sure every hem is in a straight line Every colour matched up looking perfectly fine Happy is he when the hard work's all done With time now to spare to catch up with some fun
In a February 5 article in Investor's Business Daily titled "Practice How to Escape the Perfectionist Bubble," Vickie L.
Other standouts included calm-yet-smoldering Glenn Allen Sims, a satin-smooth perfectionist who partnered Corbin as Billie and in other works.
She listened to me cry for a moment, then said to me, "Sheri, your problem is that you are a perfectionist.