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a skilled worker who perfects something

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This view of systematic theology as a kind of missional exposition of the gospel itself finds these renderings representing the disseminating rays in which the gospel is connected to the source of those rays, the author and perfecter of faith.
In January Maybelline launched Age Rewind Eraser Dark Spot Concealer + Treatment, the Lifter Foundation and The Perfecter Powder.
It's an instant complexion perfecter that neutralises uneven skin tone for a brighter glow and comes in five shades, helping ashy skin appear more luminous, give yellow skin a peachier glow and neutralise blotchy redness.
Besides the 90 Second Eye Lift formula and the 5 Minute Face Lift, Biotech's DermaSilk line includes a Night Repairing Face Lift; a skin perfecter to help hydrate thinning skin; a wrinkle eraser called Flawless; a collagen booster offered under the 1 Minute Collagen Lift name; an Instant Eyelid Lift; a Miracle Cream that reduces the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles and pores; a 30 Second Neck Lift formula; a 1 Minute Wrinkle Erase Pen; a 5 Minute Beauty Peel; and several antiwrinkle supplements.
Beauty Balm Instant Solutions[R] SPF 35 is an all-in-one skin perfecter that instantly primes, brightens, evens, hydrates and controls oil.
The Holy Father urges us to keep our gaze fixed upon Jesus Christ, the "pioneer and perfecter of our faith" as we walk the journey of the history of our faith.
Adherents to the reconciliationist school interpret the life and work of Christ as "the fulfiller of [society's] hopes and aspirations, the perfecter of its true faith, the source of its holiest spirit.
He is the pioneer and perfecter of a worldwide, goal-directed faith (Heb.
October 11 marks the 50th anniversary of the beginning of the Second Vatican Council and November 24, 2013 marks the feast of Christ the King "the pioneer and perfecter of our faith.
An obsessive perfecter of his art, he plundered 1,246 Test points - gloriously topping off his proud record with his dramatic last gasp dropped goal to defeat the Aussies on their own soil and win the World Cup of 2003.
Christ himself, the instituter and perfecter of the most holy sacraments, merited for us by his passion the grace that would perfect natural love, strengthen the unbreakable unity [indissolubilem unitatem confirmaret] and sanctify the spouses.
Ellington was, after all, the Mozart of jazz, the reigning figure in his musical realm, an innovator and perfecter with an impeccable ear.
is the perfecter of every Act, and is called the power of the most
Sobel's subtitle is The True Story of a Lone Genius Who Solved the Greatest Scientific Problem of His Time, and she presents John Harrison, the perfecter of the chronometer, as an outsider, remote from the business of clocks and clock-making.
by choosing a perfecter object than himself to love, it exalteth and refineth those seeds of goodness that are in him" (PM 239-40).