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a tense of verbs used in describing action that has been completed (sometimes regarded as perfective aspect)

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MODE STORY Basic tenses Simple tenses Perfect tenses Indeterminate Past anterior past tense Imperfect Pluperfect Other tenses Conditional Perfect conditional Tenses excluded Present* Perfect Future Anterior future Verbal persons used 3rd pers.
So there is considerable evidence that the used to construction is akin to the present perfect tense.
the student completed") or present perfect tense (e.
the future perfect tense, possible in the English language as in German, reflects on the past from a point yet to happen.
This seems to say that for kineseis, the present tense verb entails the negation of the perfect tense verb.
Any physical system can be seen as the robust interface between the present progressive and the present perfect tense.
His subtitle refers to the perfect tense of the Greek verb that stresses continuing moral and theological import of completed (historical) action.
1] Having made the point, our grammar books go on to designate a perfect tense and imperfect tense.
In both passages, he says, "at hand" is translated from the perfect tense of the Greek verb eggiken, which implies the sense not of promise but of presence.
See 2 Corinthians 8, note 9, and Matthew 7, note 1, for words that slip from the margin into the text; 2 Thessalonians 2, note 25, for a word substitution; Matthew 3, note 2, Matthew 4, note 5, and Romans 3, note 4, for places where the perfect tense has been substituted for the future tense, Acts 17, note 25, for where Erasmus hypothesizes that someone misread a Greek letter and turned "elements" (stoichoi) into "Stoics" (stoikoi); and Romans 1, note 66, and Romans 8, note 49, for Erasmus's comments on the forgetfulness of scribes.
Inventor of the Footballing Past Perfect Tense, as in: "The lad's got there, he's done great and we've nicked one early doors.
Drawert wants to think through language and beyond to a reality that is affectively binding, as in the lines "wie die Worte in meinem Herzen / wirklich wirklich gewesen sein // werden" (1983), where the redundancy, the skipped line, and the future perfect tense define that longing.
As someone born into this star sign, instead of scrutinising the subjunctive and pondering the perfect tense, I should have been practising papillotes and balancing bain-maries.
The metaphor is grammatical: A verb in the perfect tense refers to action completed in the past that has ongoing impact in the present.
However, the younger Brahmanas, especially the SB, tell such stories in the perfect tense.