perfect game

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a game in which a pitcher does not allow any opposing player to reach base

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Thompson is on track to become a consensus first-team all-American - he has also been recognized by Baseball America, Collegiate Baseball, Perfect Game and the National Collegiate Baseball Writers Association.
Eddie says you can never get the perfect game but if you can get as close to it as possible you'll be helping your team out.
We had a perfect game but Swansea were not perfect and had problems - they had three midfielders who could not play but everything went perfect for us.
The photo I have of the Worcesters team -- I brought that out when they did a re-enactment of Richmond's first perfect game.
Nicco Olaivar of Pasig Bowling Association pulled off the first perfect game on opening day last Saturday of the weeklong tournament.
One strength of The Perfect Game is that we don't just receive the perspective of the investigator, but the dark - and unusual - thoughts of the perp himself, who makes some puzzling mental associations during the ritual of committing his murders: "He knelt down next to the young man and cradled his head in one arm, pushed the other one against his chest and, just like with the girl, twisted and snapped his neck like a toothpick, making sure it remained in the awkward position.
Dallas Braden, who also pitched a perfect game in 2010, gets even shorter shrift under the Game Score metric because he fanned only six batters, resulting in a score of 93.
They were being blanked, 7-0, and Texas ace Yu Darvish was one well-executed pitch from a perfect game in his first 2013 start.
Yu Darvish started off his second season in American baseball like a flash by almost pitching a perfect game, of which there have been only 23 in the 135 years of professional baseball in North America.
The starter is pitching a perfect game in the Seattle Mariners contest against the Tampa Bay Rays.
Al Hashemi, who had been lurking in the shadow of world champion Mohammad Khalifa Al Qubaisi earlier in the week, surged ahead to the top of the standings with impressive series of 790, 761 and 760, including a perfect game of 300 on his third visit to the lane.
PHILADELPHIA: Philadelphia catcher Carlos Ruiz spoiled rookie Travis Wood s bid for a perfect game then rubbed salt in the wound by scoring the winning run in the Phillies 1-0 win over the Cincinnati Reds Saturday.
Austin has an incredible range of emotions as Angel Macias, who strives to pitch a perfect game and struggles to win the approval of his father, Umberto (Carlos Gomez).
Dallas Braden with his grandmother after pitching MLB's 19th perfect game
Perfect Game USA and the Future of Baseball: How the Remaking of Youth Scouting Affects the National Pastime.