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an economic policy adopted in the former Soviet Union

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The second half of the story, Perestroika, will be shown at Theatr Colwyn, on Thursday, September 7 (encore screening).
And whether Bassil likes it or not, policies of obstruction are never forgotten and upheavals like Perestroika are always round the corner.
Not surprisingly, therefore, Gorbachev views the main cause of the Ukrainian crisis as the disruption of perestroika and the 'mindless, reckless disbanding of the USSR', for which the primary responsibility lies with Russia's then leadership, namely Yeltsin, who exacerbated centrifugal processes in the union.
Miller manages to overlook, however, is the glaring mismatch between Gorbachev's political discourse and the actual fate of Soviet agriculture during perestroika.
Like Acolyte, Perestroika is on an upward curve and an 8lb rise for a fourlength romp at Windsor last time is fully merited.
Editors Lipovetsky and Wakamiya present students, academics, and researchers with volume one of a collection of academic essays and articles that together investigate the diversity of Rusian literary works from Perestroika to the present.
Comparing reform processes in East-Central European countries in the late 1980s, we must admit that Czechoslovak perestroika was rather bashful.
After becoming the Soviet president in 1985, Gorbachev pursued the policies of Glasnost (openness) and Perestroika as tools of reform, which have been credited to be the catalysts for collapse of the Soviet Union in 1991.
Former Soviet leader says The root cause of the unrest in Ukraine was an interruption of perestroika and of the democratic process there.
Mashkevich, a native of Kyrgyzstan who became a billionaire through investments in Kazakhstan during perestroika, admitted that founding such a channel would not be simple, because of its high its high costs, but said that he plans to officially present it in Israel in a few months.
He introduces programs of reform called glasnost and perestroika.
He really deserves credit for having the vision for Perestroika and Glasnost and being smart enough in trying to start a series of events that encouraged the U.
The former USSR President accused Europe and America of a failure to understand Russia since he started his glasnost and perestroika reforms of the Soviet Union almost a quarter of a century ago.
Ironically neither glasnost ("public openness") nor perestroika ("economic reform") appear in the four-and-a-half page glossary of Russian terms but don't doubt that the author is familiar with the nation that arose from the rubble of the USSR.
The Perestroika era in the Soviet Union effectively ended Communism and the existence of the country known as the USSR.