pere david's deer

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large Chinese deer surviving only in domesticated herds

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Squamous cell carcinoma of the skin in a Pere David's deer (Elaphurus davidianus).
Hybridization of Pere David's deer (Elaphurus davidianus) and red deer (Cervus elaphus) by artificial insemination.
Gestation periods in the Pere David's deer (Elaphurus davidianus): evidence for embryonic diapause or delayed development.
LH secretion and response to GnRH during seasonal anoestrus of the Pere David's deer hind (Elaphurus davidianus).
Preliminary discussion of plants eaten by the Pere David's deer.
The Pere David's deer is a critically-endangered species, virtually extinct in the wild.
Ironically, top of this year's breeding league have been the Pere David's Deer, one of the rarest species of deer in the world.
The herd of Pere David's deer, a rare species of Chinese swamp-dwellers, like nothing better than standing around in water up to their thighs.
Now Knowsley Safari Park has successfully bred so many of the Pere David's deer they are being exported to a wetland trust in Kent.
Knowsley Safari Park has already dispatched a breeding group of 19 Pere David's deer to the Wetland Trust at Icklesham in Kent where they are settling in well on their favourite marshy ground.
Pere David's deer are originally from the swamplands of China where they were discovered in 1865 by the French missionary and explorer, Pere Armand David - hence the name.
Safari Park general manager, David Ross, said: "The Pere David's deer story is a very good example of the important role that zoos and safari parks can play in protecting rare species.
Top of this year's breeding league has been the Pere David's deer, one of the rarest species of deer in the world.