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the property of being extremely durable

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Finally, and related in turn to the perdurability of overturned precedent, this Part will consider the operation of "syntactic" versus "cybernetic" feedback (146) in the context of accumulating precedent.
Finally, in the case of learning JVs, the key factor for the perdurability of the relationship is the evolution of the JV to what Doz (1996) calls learning cycles, a situation in which the partners find advantages in developing new projects through which all of the parties reinforce their own capabilities.
Also, there are others of inorganic type (certain type of rocks and the ceramic) which are inalterable, for example, the ceramic after its modeling and firing, experiments a physical-chemical type alteration that is irreversible and possesses important conditions of perdurability (Sanchez, 1988).
The tragic circumstances which brought him to the press only underscore his hope in such literary parthogenesis--clinging to the perdurability of book over body, Wringhim takes comfort in his publications' ability to "go abroad among mankind," as if they were the offspring the doomed man lacks.
For Harold Bloom the perdurability of Bronte's literary style, well exemplified in this passage, can be traced to its occult quality, its ability to convey her "private gnosis.
The ballet of Ronsard's sonnet, like the actual ballet choreographed and described by Beaujoyeulx, can be read in malo as a tragic representation of universal mutability; dramatizing the vulnerability and brevity of form, or can be read in bono as an affirmation of the perdurability of form, perennially emerging, familiar but changed, out of a chaotic void.
The Perdurability of the Politics-Administration Dichotomy.
The perdurability of the debate has caused a number of legal scholars to begin to argue for the judicial recognition of a civil religion as a needed compromise between the accommodationist and separationist viewpoints.
an informal underground centrality that assures the perdurability of life in society" (p.
It makes the chalos look like the victims of an intellectual mystification that prevents them from approaching this matter in a complete way, makes them appear unable to see it as something more than a fight against the economic deprivation and political abuse suffered by the Indians, unable to see it as a battle for the preservation and defense of the Andean being, his rites, his beliefs, and his customs, which, precisely because they are ancient and tied to tradition, guarantee the identity and perdurability of all that can be called "Indian.
It is true that Chronicles, like Kings, includes passages in the reigns of David and Solomon which predicate the perdurability of the throne upon the fidelity of Solomon (or of Solomon and his sons).
Of course, nudity in a hammam is tenuously related to the ephemeral notion of fashion; the concern here is with an eternal undress, the perdurability of the classical female body rather than the historical variability of clothing.