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(medicine) a small hammer with a rubber head used in percussive examinations of the chest and in testing reflexes

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De fato, e vastamente descrito na literatura atual que o consumo de suco de beterraba pode elevar significantemente os niveis de nitrito plasmatico, percussor e biomarcador de producao de NO (Bailey e colaboradores, 2009; Breese e colaboradores, 2013; Cermak e colaboradores, 2012b).
Anche stipator e percussor sono prime attestazioni ciceroniane, pero sono gia in opere anteriori a quella sopra citata.
He then sought someone to kill him, either the gladiator Spiculus, or any percussor, so that he could meet a relatively painless death, (12) but to no avail: 'Have I then neither friend nor foe?
The drum yields its percussion to the impact between skins; the reader, as percussor, releases the skinned voice of the author.
The cartilaginous bridge of the nose was vibrated with a neonatal percussor (Neo-Cussor, General Physiotherapy Inc.
1) thus implying that it received the impact of the percussor, is in fact the rear edge of the core, or piece being flaked, and as such could possibly be considered a part of the ventral surface of the flake.
Despite her reasons for being unable to report, which included, inter alia, the fact that she had a severe headache, which was often the percussor of seizure, the nurse was ordered to report "right away.
RCPs may place an inflatable vest known as a chest vest percussor (CVP) around the person's thorax to vibrate the lungs, thereby promoting movement of secretions.
Malchus uses the percussor on Jacob twice a day, but she admits it hurts her to see him so upset.