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In addition to a variety of percussion instruments, including xylophones, gongs, snare drums, and tablas, the ensemble also has pianists, violinists, cellists, bassists, and violists.
As part of his attempt to educate the people of Wales he has recorded a CD, Zimba Zamba, which shows the variety of music that can be produced with percussion instruments.
The whole evening's music was marvellous, and part of it was given over to the Wirral Schools Orchestra with some of them playing percussion instruments solo, this was fabulous.
Around 100 pupils who attend Christ Church Academy were involved in the week-long sessions which focused around percussion instruments and creating sounds of the weather.
Dean begins this portion of his history in the vaudeville pit, where the need to save space and keep the number of paid players to a minimum led to the development of ingenious arrangements of several percussion instruments so that they could be easily played by a single musician.
It has asked a host of celebrities to sign the percussion instruments to be auctioned off to raise cash for its work among the vulnerable and isolated members of society.
Visitors of al-Minshiyeh Park on Friday evening were treated to the music of the band Percomania, which performed a mix of western and eastern musical styles using various percussion instruments such as drums, derbakkeh, conga, tam-tams and bongos.
It also includes a glossary of terms (Part 1), illustrations of percussion instruments (Part II), commonly used symbols for percussion instruments (Part IV), a table of terms in English, French, German and Italian (Part 5), and a listing of published writings and method books for percussion (Part 6.
The 29-year-old says: "It will be a kiddies' concert showing them lots of different percussion instruments from all over the world.
The dictionary also features listings of foreign tempo markings; translated German musical phrases; composers' instructions for string instruments with musical examples in Italian, French and German; and percussion instruments and terms in all three languages.
Weekly they learn to play lots of percussion instruments, including; tambourines, drums and agogos.
Summary: Combining carnivals with the rhythm of percussion instruments, Dubai Summer Surprises 2008 is taking the summer excitement to shoppers at various malls in Dubai.
There were choirs that sang - accompanied by percussion instruments, acoustic guitars and even a grand piano.
Residents could either take over playing the suspended drums or make some cool rhythms using percussion instruments -- available on the ground.
Nonharmonics, which are often produced by gongs, bells, and other percussion instruments, sound more complicated.