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strike or tap firmly

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CPT is labor-intensive; caregiver must possess strength and endurance sufficient to percuss chest effectively and to position patient
Weinstein states: "'Dahomey Dance' reflected a serious attempt to translate a Dahomenian field recording of musicians making their voices percuss like conga drums into American jazz sounds".
By sonic Socratic dub nett recusancy obversive deduct interval exfold, train up pitch departures, percuss the air punctual let addit pressure point, aqueous gearing will screen hyperbaric fully virtual it is separation.
The next step is to percuss the flanks for dullness.
Andrew Mogrelia's chamber ensemble contributed to the aviary with granite-like resolution and bubbling wit, marshalled by a phalanx of expert percuss ionists and featuring a perky, adept little woodwind concertino.