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Whitehead proposes the following explanation for the recognition of the world--a metaphorical way of saying that perception "for the percipient at least .
Second, concerning the hylomorphic interpretation of time, the medieval Aristotelian, Avicenna, explicitly identifies motion with the material condition of time and maintains the need of a percipient mind in marking off time (The Physics of the Healing, II.
SIR - I had always thought that John D Rogers of Nantymoel was one of your more percipient correspondents, but his latest letter (July 26) makes me wonder.
Hence, McCorristine argues that the telegram, through which the percipient learns of the death of the person seen in the vision, becomes a "central constituent of the psychical ghost story" (p.
The minuteness of Ames's vision enables him to see and point out, often in blown-up reproduction, design details that would otherwise escape the less percipient eye; and some of his speculations ring true, such as that which relates the boat-motif found on a few shawls to the funeral of Ranjit Singh, "whose body was placed on a decorated bier in a shape like a ship".
5% tax rate, when the percipient is an Italian resident individual, while only 5% of their amount is subject to the corporate tax rate (which was equal to 27.
John Taylor, the consummate scholar of contemporary French poetry, translates Jaccottet here, as well as offering a brief and percipient introduction that elucidates how Jaccottet links "style to the frailties and fluctuations and sensibility," which brings him "to the brink of the ineffable.
Specifically, it contends that the Confrontation Clause, for functional reasons, should limit its reach to percipient witnesses, because extending the clause's reach to forensic analysts will impose significant bur dens on prosecutors.
340), My difficulty with this nuanced and percipient reading is that it underplays the social conditions that require Lucy to "survive miraculously".
Dalton lived with Gibson and Grigorieva while they were together, and is considered "a very important percipient witness" to Sheriff's investigators, reports TMZ.
In sum, those characteristics that the oral viewer envisages as beautiful, the high-literate percipient is more likely to label kitsch.
too obvious to the percipient reader to spend further elucidatory words thereon" p.
It is strange that the most percipient statement about Bonington was made by the painter of the time who was most different from him, when Delacroix praised him in a letter of 1861 for his dexterity in watercolour and the lightness of his touch 'by which the eye is charmed independently of the subject or its imitative appeal'.
In fact, nowhere in this book, I think, is the ecclesia of these Anglo-Irish adherents even named as the Church of Ireland, which reveals this theological weakness, no matter how percipient and thoughtful the overall argument is on other terms.