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a chloride containing an unusually high proportion of chlorine

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2 equivalents of silver perchloride in aqueous THF (5 ml THF/2 ml H2O) at rt for 2 h.
With between 900 and 1,000 cases during the past 18 years, we have had only three deaths; one from septicaemia after injection of perchloride of iron into the uterus for haemorrhage, another from haemorrhage and a third from puerperal convulsions - the last two having occurred within the past few years.
Perchloride of mercury poisoning by absorption from the vagina.
His experiments, which were conducted shortly before his death, involved the use of a silver metal syringe and injection of perchloride of mercury via a trochar into arterial aneurysms in sheep.
Other complicating factors led Rees to return to the problem until he had developed a more comprehensive method for identifying albumin that involved potassium ferrocyanide and mercury perchloride, in addition to the traditional tests.
Using a camel hair brush dipped in "tincture of perchloride of iron," he drew the desired image on the lady's bare arm.