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a salt of perchloric acid

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USA], Nov 7 ( ANI ): Expecting mothers, who are exposed to elevated levels of a common environmental pollutant, perchlorate, had lower levels of a thyroid hormone crucial for normal foetal brain development.
We show spectra for water ice, liquid water, hydrated calcium perchlorate, calcium perchlorate brine, saturated calcium perchlorate brine and hydrated (solid) calcium perchlorate that has been dried out from a solution.
Perchlorate (ClO4-) is regarded as a new emerging persistent inorganic contaminant because of its specific properties, such as high water solubility, mobility and considerable stability [1].
Perchlorate is a natural and human-made chemical increasingly found in groundwater and soil, and research has found exposure can disrupt thyroid function.
A government official briefed by the EPA told the Associated Press last week that the agency has decided to regulate perchlorate under the Safe Drinking Water Act.
The agency also is issuing an interim health advisory of 15 parts per billion (ppb) to assist state and local officials in addressing local contamination of perchlorate in drinking water and in making a corresponding change to the factors they consider in cleaning up Superfund sites.
After first discovering the perchlorate on Mars, researchers thought it might be a contaminant from rocket fuel.
The Food and Drug Administration conducted the preliminary exposure assessment in response to significant public interest in the issue of perchlorate exposure from food.
The debate is important to Santa Clarita, which has the 996-acre Whittaker-Bermite property in the center of town, a site with high levels of perchlorate from decades of munition manufacturing.
But new scientific evidence, said EWG, "clearly shows that perchlorate is a much greater public health threat than previously realized.
Regulators across the United States are currently trying to agree on what is a safe perchlorate intake level.
Ammonium perchlorate (perchlorate) is a primary ingredient in solid rocket propellant and has been used for decades by the Department of Defense (DOD), the National Aeronautics and Space Administration, and the defense industry in the manufacturing, testing, and firing of rockets and missiles.
The General Accounting Office (GAO) reports that the Pentagon has refused some state and federal requests to test sites for toxic perchlorate contamination.
Lawyers & Judges Publishing (Tucson, AZ) has published "Perchlorate: A Scientific, Legal and Economic Assessment," a new book that is designed to educate and inform business, environmental, legal and academic audiences about the history and development of the perchlorate controversy and offer advice to those involved in perchlorate litigation, remediation and regulation.
Perchlorate again: found in breast milk Perchlorate, a toxic chemical used in rocket propellants, has been found in samples of breast milk and retailed cow's milk in 23 U.