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Low-level theorists argue that perceptual experience is reducible to the experience of low-level properties (textures, shapes, colors); high-level theorists argue that we have perceptual experiences of high-level properties (functional properties, causal relations, and so on); while disunified view theorists argue that perceptual seemings can present high-level properties.
And again, the subject is abstracted, intensifying this moment's significance by representing it as a generalized perceptual experience in which characters, and reader as well, take part.
One version claims that it is by virtue of some inferential sub-personal mechanism that we can immediately distinguish between our occurrent perceptual experience and a cognitive one (in the way that Nichols and Stich 2003, or Cassam 2011 propose), and so we do not need to think that it is the phenomenal character that does the work.
Our results are important because they represent the first characterization of the brain areas that are involved in shaping the perceptual experience of the bodily self in space.
Although there is convincing neuropsychological evidence both linking the subjective imagery experience to perceptual experience (see, for example, Kosslyn et al.
The study, led by Baycrest's Rotman Research Institute (RRI), in collaboration with the University of Texas at Dallas, is one of the most ambitious and complex yet for elucidating the brain's ability to evoke a memory by reactivating the parts of the brain that were engaged during the original perceptual experience.
Robinson, for example, argues that "it is necessary to give the same account of both hallucinating and perceptual experience when they have the same neural cause" (1994, p.
Only experiential conceptualism can account for various phenomenologically discoverable features of perceptual experience.
Husserlian adumbrations provide for the inclusion of the non-given in and within given perceptual experience.
Hopp holds that, for Husserl, no perceptual experience consists solely of intuitive or self-giving content: perceptual acts are composed of intuitive and signitive intentions, the horizon of an act consists of those intentional contents that point beyond what is intuitively given in an experience, whereas every perceptual experience contains both signitive and intuitive components (in fulfillment, the signitive intention is either earlier than or contemporaneous with the fulfilling intuition).
Historical studies of the perceptual experience of the automotive landscape--parkways, highways, the strip, billboards, junk yards and the topography of Googie and big-box retailing--have been lacking from the rich and varied bibliography of mobility culture.
Pain is a perceptual experience (no brain, no pain).
of Notre Dame) offers a jargon-free exploration of architecture as a perceptual experience.
unusual perceptual experience, magical thinking); (2) interpersonal (negative schizotypy; e.
As perceptual experience in this vital social realm mounts during infancy, youngsters temporarily lose the broader capacity to recognize links between the facial movements and vocalizations of other species, he proposes.
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